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Twisted Gumballing With New V8 Land Rover

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Specialist auto tuning company, Twisted, has created a Land Rover Defender 110 powered by a Chevrolet V8 engine, ready for the Gumball rally, prior to a commercial release later on.

Twisted is famous for its work upgrading and updating Land Rovers and its latest effort lays claim to 520bhp and 0-60mph in six seconds. Commercial versions will be priced between £140,000-£190,000 and subject to a lead time of three to four months. The Gumball rally will mark the vehicle's public debut in prototype form and it is expected that its awesome power output will be a more realistic 450bhp for consumer models.

Among the components altered to create and manage the extra power output are upgraded exhaust manifolds and special Ohlins dampers. Drivers will notice that Land Rover's familiar mechanical diffs are missing from the cabin's controls, having been replaced with torque biasing systems, automatically controlling both front and rear units. Similarly, the standard low-range transmission is missing, in favour of a new automatic box armed with plenty of lower end torque, quite capable of handling off-road adventures.

Twisted is also releasing a 'Definitive' specification level, optional with 2.2 litre diesel models and coming as standard with the V8. 'Definitive' models come with a custom interior. The order list for the V8 currently stands at five models and Twisted is expecting its Gumball participation to raise demand further. The race will also feature an Alpine Edition Land Rover 110, driven by professional skateboarder, Tony Hawks, on the Copenhagen to Monaco route, arriving for the grand prix stage.

The Gumball event runs annually and takes the form of a 3,000 mile public road rally, set in a different international location each year. One hundred and twenty cars are allowed entry each year, most of which are spectacularly powerful or exotic, although novelty entrants, such as VW camper vans, have also been seen. The inaugural race in 1999 was organised by British entrepreneur, Maximillion Cooper and featured 55 vehicles driven by a selection of his friends and various celebrities. The winner of the event was a Jaguar E-Type from 1963, although the rally is not a traditional competition with prizes, podium places or timekeeping officials. Instead, the event styles itself as a road trip adventure, aimed mostly at the international jet set, but is, nonetheless, a popular way for manufacturers or tuning companies such as Twisted, to showcase their new products.

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