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Twin turbo - your car's brother from another mother

By raccars Published

Audi TT

These automotive lookalikes bring a new meaning to the phrase 'twin turbo'.

Whether it's by accident or design or simply through a lack of original thinking in the industry, some cars look very like others by completely different manufacturers. Can you tell the difference between the following pairs?

Is it a twin turbo?

2012 Honda Civic Coupe vs 2012 Kia Forte Koup

The 2012 update of the Honda Civic Coupe gave it a sleeker and sportier look but owners were less than impressed with the cheap and unrefined cabin. Might they have been happier with the almost identical Kia Forte Koup from the same year? The two share not only a similar silhouette but also some of the smaller design details. More recent updates have added some much needed differentiation between the two.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV vs Tata Nano

Mitsubishi's electric city car will not be flattered by comparisons to the one time world's cheapest car. Both are bordering on egg shaped, frugal to the point of meanness and both are distinctly low on power.

Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight

The best-selling hybrid car in the world looks very similar to Honda's short-lived electric hybrid Insight, thanks to matching flared boot lids and privacy glass. The Prius goes from strength to strength and is shortly to be updated but the Insight was taken off the market in 2014. Although marginally slower and less efficient than the Prius, the Insight was widely considered the more entertaining to drive of the two.

Aston Martin Vantage vs Jaguar XK

Either of these could be pleased by the comparison. The Aston is an extraordinarily beautiful car, available as a coupe or a roadster and in V8 and V12 formats. While it's unmistakably an Aston Martin, there are yet some similarities of line with another British sports car, the Jaguar XK, with its long, sleek bonnet and elegantly curving roof line. The Vantage costs nearly twice as much as the XK and is about 50bhp more powerful, but you're getting a spectacular car either way.

Audi TT vs Peugeot RCZ

The TT's distinctive, curvy design isn't for everyone but has sold very well for Audi as a junior lead-in to the R8 supercar. It's been out for 15 years now but the latest version maintains the original design in slightly updated format. Peugeot's sporty coupe displays a similarly curved roof design, albeit with unique aluminium arched pillars at each side. It's similarly curvy at the front and back too but the RCZ is substantially cheaper than its German twin.

Ford Edge vs Range Rover Evoque

Already a success in the USA, Ford has recently introduced the Edge SUV to Europe. By adding a slightly sloping, almost coupe-esque roofline to a chunky SUV Ford has made a very similar car to the more expensive and very fashionable Range Rover Evoque. Ford may no longer own Land Rover but there do appear to be some vestiges of spiritual companionship between the two brands.

Bentley Mulsanne vs Chrysler 300

The flagship model in the Bentley range was released in 2011 with prices starting at £200,000. It's one of the plushest and most luxurious cars on the market, with an incredible amount of presence on the road. It's astonishing then that many people have been surprised to mistake the Chrysler 300 for the Bentley, thanks to the large, three box silhouette, similar front grilles and chrome trim. However if you look a bit closer and start to examine details there's no confusing the two. The Chrysler is no longer available in the UK.

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