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TVR News Getting Hotter And Hotter

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With the recent news that iconic British sportscar brand, TVR, has returned to British shores, the company's new owners have been talking to the press about their future plans. Fans will be excited to learn that two new releases are on the radar for 2015, priced between £50,000 and £80,000.

TVR's new management is adamant that the spirit of the original TVR character must be adhered to, as formed by previous owner, Peter Wheeler. Rather than competing with the likes of the Porsche Boxster or Cayman, TVR is gunning for the second hand Aston Martin market, with thoroughly British, front engined, rear wheel drive, high performance vehicles, that give off a sexy exhaust growl. The emphasis is on the driving experience rather than luxury accoutrements.

Now led by former Aston Martin racer and technology entrepreneur, Les Edgar, the new TVR executive board is a three man show of businessmen with a love of cars, helpfully with strong financial backing behind it. While the two upcoming cars are likely to be original, all new models, the company has not ruled out the possibility of reviving some classic TVR names in the future. Sticking to the supercar for the common man ethos, the company plans to make its cars affordable and accessible but maintain exclusivity with relatively small production runs.

The TVR name is these days a part of Blackpool Engineering, a holding company set up by former TVR owner, Nikolai Smolenski, to house all of the major TVR components – designs and parts, the name, wiring schematics, lists of materials, correspondence, jigs and moulds collections and spare parts. Along with new model development, the company's current owners plan to develop the spare parts business and cater to existing owners.

Alongside their passion for the brand, the partners are all business people, safeguarding their investment by already putting the squeeze on certain other attempts to claim the TVR name with a team of lawyers. At the moment, they face a number of other challenges to their attempt to revive the beloved brand, including the establishment of a new plant and exactly how to commence building a new TVR. Probably the biggest question right now is over sourcing an engine elsewhere or building a TVR original.

The owners of the new TVR are playing the long game. Current focus is on the domestic market and low volumes, but there's plenty of ambition behind the venture, including a possible future return to the former TVR playground of Le Mans. British sportscar enthusiasts wait with bated breath...

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