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Toyota in Trouble With TV Ad

By raccars Published

You will have probably seen Toyota’s latest advert for its new GT86 sports car. It’s an ad which depicts a fake, virtual world with the driver power sliding and avoiding police; it’s a good ad. But it seems it’s just a little too risqué for the regulators, ASA, as they’ve decided to ban it under the grounds of it promoting dangerous driving.

Here’s what the ASA had to say: "Whilst we appreciated that in the world where the ad was set, cars could drive themselves, objects could miraculously appear or disappear and certain everyday objects were contraband.”

“We considered that the roads, public spaces and the car featured in the ad were recognisable as such and were not significantly different from those in the real world.”

So, what do you think? Have the ASA been too strict or has Toyota clearly overstepped the boundaries with this ad? It’s a tough one, but in such a regulated world, perhaps Toyota should have known better – even if we love the ad and the car!

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