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Total Recall

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A new tool has been launched this week, which allows car owners or those buying a car or van to check if the vehicle has been subject to a safety recall. Called 'Vehicle Safety Recall,' the online tool can also direct car owners to a nearby dealership, should any remedial work be necessary.

The portal is a joint venture between Motor Codes, a government approved motor industry regulatory body, and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), as part of a drive to improve standards of road safety. A VOSA service also exists, which performs the same service and some individual manufacturers also offer a recall notice search facility. However, this service allows owners to search any manufacturer and returns results specific to that particular vehicle, rather than searching simply by make and model.

The DVSA administers the UK's safety recall notice protocol and works with manufacturers to track down vehicles when a notice is issued. But recalls are sometimes missed after the transfer of ownership, so the tool is a quick and easy way for consumers to check the recall status of their vehicles.

Visitors to the site choose the appropriate manufacturer and then enter their car's VIN (vehicle identification number), a 17 character marker which can usually be found on a panel on the dashboard, etched on the bottom of the windscreen, on the inside of the door pillar on the driver's side of the car and on the V5C registration document. The tool will return a list of any relevant outstanding recall notices, manufacturer contact details and a dealership location service.

Recall notices have been extremely effective in the UK and 92% of vehicles which have been recalled have been repaired. However, the industry is struggling to cover the remaining 18% of vehicles, many of which may be in the process of transfer of ownership at the time.

The 'Vehicle Safety Recall' tool should help manufacturers to track down any vehicles which have not previously responded to recall notices and complete the process of remedial work, to make cars safer. With some 36 million cars and vans using British roads, the recall process is an important part of ensuring they are safe and fit for purpose throughout their lifecycle. Since 2010, the number of recall notices issued in the UK has fallen by more than 25%.

Car and van owners or those planning to buy a used model can check the vehicle's recall status.

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