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Top Gear Demise Continues to Fuel Speculation

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Whether you love Clarkson or are not a fan, you will probably concede that automotive TV programming has been a lot quieter since the demise of Top Gear earlier this year.

However car fans will be delighted to hear that there will be plenty of new auto sofa surfing material for 2016, with a new Top Gear on the way, the return of Clarkson et al and some new ideas of varying quality...

Clarkson, Hammond and May at Amazon Prime

The terrible trio are hard at work on their latest highly paid automotive TV venture for Amazon Prime, due to reach screens next year. There has already been plenty of publicity surrounding the reported £160 million budget for the show, giving the team a whopping £4.5 million to spend on every episode. This is one of the largest programming budgets ever seen on UK TV. Shooting is due to begin this month.

The show will be available via internet streaming on subscription service Amazon Prime, which costs £79 annually. A number of devices can be used to watch the show, including tablets and even smartphones. Three series of the show have been planned, each containing 12 episodes of an hour long. They will be released for viewing on a weekly basis. The series producer is Andy Wilman, formerly of Top Gear, so the show is likely to be familiar in style. There won't, however, be any appearances by The Stig and the show's name remains unconfirmed, although a law firm connected with Clarkson has trademarked the name 'Gear Knobs'...

The new Top Gear

Well-known petrolhead, TV presenter and radio DJ Chris Evans was confirmed as the new anchor for Top Gear this summer, but frenzied speculation has surrounded who will be joining him, with suggestions ranging from Nigel Farage to Boris Johnson. Evans has made no secret of his desire to have a female presenter on the team, with former model and auto enthusiast Jodie Kidd the favourite to take the job, however she has ruled herself out. While open auditions for the role have been announced, media attention is currently focused on Zoe Ball. Evans' former radio colleague Holly Samos is another strong possibility, with experience reporting from the F1 pit lane.

Jenson Button and Evans are reportedly good friends and amid rumours that Button is getting ready to retire from F1, there could be a place for him on Top Gear. However, he is unlikely to be a main presenter with very little television experience. Motorcycle demon and adrenaline junkie Guy Martin could add an interesting dynamic to the show. He has the TV experience, the driving ability and plenty of popular appeal but hasn't yet expressed any interest. However the smart money is on at least one complete unknown confounding expectations and joining the show...

It's Me or the Car

In news sure to polarise public opinion, ITV has decided that the change of guard over at Top Gear has provided the ideal opportunity to slip into the temporary gap in automotive programming with what it is calling a family friendly version of the show. Just how successful this is will depend upon whether you consider pop star and reality show presenter Peter Andre to be family viewing. An 'It's Me or the Car' pilot has apparently already been filmed with the singer of radio classic, 'Insania', at the helm.

The Getaway Car

BBC1 is bringing back The Stig in a new Saturday night show next year, headed by Dermot O'Leary. 'The Getaway Car' pits couples against each other in a series of adrenaline-charged driving challenges. The winners go on to face The Stig to win prize money.

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