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Top five used family saloons

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Lately our taste in cars has been changing. It used to be the family saloon that topped the sales charts but now the most popular models tend to be economical little city cars and hatchbacks. That doesn't mean that there is no place for a full-size saloon, however. For those with larger families or long commutes to complete, the saloon can be a sensible and comfortable option. The good news is that the modern saloon is far more economical than it once was and its declining popularity means that there are plenty of bargains to be had. Here are five examples that could fit the bill.

1) Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 regularly tops satisfaction surveys in its class and it is renowned as being sturdy and reliable. It also boasts classy styling and the cabin is extremely well kitted out. If you go back to a 2003 model, you can pick up a reasonable example for around £1,000.

2) Vauxhall Insignia

The Insignia may be the darling of the company car driver but don’t let that put you off. Fleet vehicles tend to be well looked after and long motorway cruises don’t put too much pressure on the engine. The equipment levels are generous and reliability is excellent. If you look carefully you can find a sporty one, too. An SRi from 2010 in CDTi trim can be yours for around £4,500.

3) Skoda Superb

In terms of car for your money, few models can come close to the Skoda Superb. The Superb offers a huge amount of space, especially in the back, where it has loads of legroom and a vast, near 600 litre boot. The VW engines and build quality promise a long life and the cabin is well appointed. Used prices are beginning to hold well but you can get a 2011 1.8 TSI SE for under £9,000.

4) BMW 3-Series

For those who are looking for a bit of prestige with their family saloon, the BMW 3-Series is perfect. It is probably the best compact executive saloon ever built. It has real quality and exciting rear-wheel drive handling and combines driving enjoyment and practicality well. The 320d is an excellent choice and a 2010 ES variant will cost around £10,000.

5) Saab 95

The Swedish firm may have closed its doors but there is still a healthy level of support to be had and parts are plentiful. The fact that Saab is no more has depressed prices but that just means there are real bargains in the market. A 2005 TiD will give you space and quality for £3,000.

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