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Top Five Classic Commercial Vehicles

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There's a reason the Ford Fiesta is Britain's most popular car - it's competent, affordable, practical, economical, blah blah blah. However, what if those things are less interesting to you than personality? With classic car ownership on the rise, one niche area gaining in attraction is collectorship of car based commercial vans. The front half is a car and the back half a van, if you like. They're not glamorous but they are rare, most having lived a harder life than your average privately owned car. If you're looking for something retro but practical and shun the usual suspects in favour of something with a bit of character, try one of these - you'll have to get your skates on though, as values are seriously on the up...

Austin Maestro Van

An 86 cubic feet cargo space and the ability to carry 700kg made the Maestro van a serious contender for the Escort van's crown. You'll have to scour the small ads to find one of these, which are as rare as an ice cube in the desert.

Shabby models can be found for a few hundred pounds, but shiny, low mileage examples can cost upwards of £3,000.

Bedford HA

The massively successful Bedford HA outlived the car on which it was based, the Viva HA, by years. It was in production for 20 very successful years (1963-1983), thanks to its winning combination of practicality, reliability and spaciousness, which qualities mean it's still a very usable daily driver.

Citroen 2CV Van

Based upon the cult favourite car, the 2CV Van basically added a box in place of the rear seats. The van is nearly as popular as the car with the French and prices have risen accordingly, but with bags of charm and practicality, it's probably worth it.

Morris Minor

The Minor was available as a van and a pick up from 1953. Its retro curves make it fantastically trendy for those inclined towards irony today. 326,609 of these beauties were made in almost 20 years of production, so it should be possible to find a decent example today or certainly a promising restoration project.

Reliant Robin

Believe it or not, the Robin was designed as a stylish, more powerful and more upmarket version of the earlier Regal Supervan, as used by Delboy. Having been the butt of a million automotive jokes over the years, it's hard to grasp quite how much of a collectors' item these have become, and how far prices have risen as a result.

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