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Top 10 superminis with big boots

By raccars Published

Honda Jazz

Today’s supermini-sized small cars are bigger than ever. Some of them are easily up to the task of serving as proper family motors, as they offer both commodious cabins and roomy boots.

To showcase just how practical some superminis are these days, we’re picking out here the 10 with the biggest boots in the sector. Measured with the seats up for maximum passenger-carrying abilities, these are the superminis that questions whether you really do need that bigger, pricier family hatch to transport the family…

Honda Jazz: 354 litres

The Honda Jazz is the most practical supermini you can buy. Ingeniously designed, it’s as clever today as the original Mini was back in the 1950s. Key to its usefulness is Honda’s placement of the fuel tank in the centre of the car, under the front seats. This liberates enough space for a huge 354-litre boot.

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Renault Zoe: 338 litres

The Renault Zoe is an all-electric supermini, and this itself brings advantages. It’s built upon a purpose-designed platform, so the batteries are neatly integrated without swallowing up vital interior space – and because it doesn’t need a fuel tank, more space is made available for luggage. Result? A vast 338-litre boot.

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Skoda Fabia: 330 litres

Another ultra-practical supermini, the Skoda Fabia only comes as a five-door. Despite its roomy cabin, the Czech firm has also left plenty of space for luggage, evidenced by its impressive 330-litre boot. It’s the most commodious ‘conventional’ supermini you can buy.

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Hyundai i20: 326 litres

The Hyundai i20 isn’t far behind the Skoda Fabia. It too is designed with ease of use in mind, meaning it’s just four litres behind its arch-rival in the boot space race. The five-year warranty appeals as well.

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Suzuki Baleno: 320 litres

Suzuki has offered the Swift supermini for years – but these days, the little three-door and five-door range is feeling a bit cramped alongside rivals who have all grown up. Enter the Baleno to solve this dilemma and, instead of the Swift’s tiny load bay, hand over 320 litres to owners’ luggage.

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Dacia Sandero: 320 litres

The cheapest supermini you can buy – indeed, the cheapest car you can buy – is the Dacia Sandero. Making this easily the most impressive model in terms of boot space per pound. 320 litres is useful and the Sandero’s load bay is cleanly designed as well.

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Renault Clio: 300 litres

The Renault Clio can’t boast the sheer luggage space of its all-electric Zoe sibling, nor that of its budget sister car, the Dacia Sandero. But 300 litres is still a healthy volume for one of the UK’s favourite superminis.

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Seat Ibiza: 292 litres

The Seat Ibiza is getting on a bit these days, but age hasn’t withered its practicality. The five-door model is still able to offer a 292-litre boot, and thus is still able to beat the load capacity of Britain’s best-selling car…

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Ford Fiesta: 290 litres

Brits love the Ford Fiesta – it’s been the best-selling car here for years. It’s not the largest supermini on sale, and will be replaced early next year with a larger all-new one, but the current car still has a reasonably competitive 290-litre boot. For most, it’s enough.

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Toyota Yaris: 286 litres

We can forgive the Toyota Yaris for not having the largest supermini boot on the market: it’s not the largest car on the outside either. It is, however, extremely space-efficient, which makes for a competitive blend of practicality and parkability for cramped city centres.

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