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Three new Discoveries on the way

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Land Rover's plan to replace the Freelander model with a new 'baby' Discovery has been out in the open for a while, but the launch of the Discovery Vision Concept at the New York Motor Show this week has revealed the company's rejuvenation of its model line up will be going even further.

In fact, the Discovery Vision Concept previews three new cars as part of a Discovery premium leisure SUV family. Not only is it dramatically different visually from anything we've seen before from Land Rover, it's also jam packed with an amazing array of futuristic technology.

The first new model to be drawn from the pool will be the new Freelander, possibly due to be named the Discovery Sport, in five or seven seat variations. It will be followed by a full size new Discovery, very similar to the concept in style and size, while the third variant is rumoured to be a more compact model than both, sub-Range Rover Evoque in size.

Land Rover believes there's commercial scope for a wider variety of Discoveries rather than a 'one size fits all' approach, which has, admittedly, been very successful for it for twenty five years now, since the launch of the original Discovery. In this, it's taking its cue from experiments with the Range Rover brand, which has broadened its consumer scope very neatly with the smaller Evoque model. The company expects the SUV market to reach about 20 million unit sales annually by 2020, and hopes to gain a large slice of that pie with its expanding range.

While Land Rover seems determined to retain the core values of the brand, the Discovery Vision Concept shows a clear push towards modernisation in its more aerodynamic form, which should help to improve efficiency.

While the Discovery Vision Concept shows a huge step forward from the current car in design terms, there are some clear similarities in the profile, with the graded roofline and stadium seating arrangement. New elements have all been added with a purpose, such as the forward sloping C pillar for aerodynamic improvement. The new shape is muscular but sleek and very robust, but not heavy looking.

The rear doors are now hinged at the back for greater access, a la Rolls-Royce. While these details are likely to delight visitors to the New York event, little of substance has been mentioned about powertrains at this stage.

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