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The Worst Roadworks in Britian

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This year the UK's road transport network is blighted by more roadworks than seen in the past ten years. INRIX, a traffic analysis company, claims that British drivers are suffering the worst congestion and traffic issues ever known in the country.

Of the ten roadworks named the worst in the UK, there is a mixture of works to widen motorways, change road layouts and resurfacing. Last year research suggested that British drivers encounter at least one pothole for every mile of road in the country, prompting local authorities to embark upon a repairs and upgrading programme. However, this inevitably results in increased levels of traffic disturbance while the works are being carried out.

Cynics have floated the idea that the extra amount of repairs and resurfacing being carried out is part of the government's political strategy, to gain approval prior to next year's general election. However, while improvements to the roads network are very welcome, in the meantime Britain's drivers are suffering with more congestion, thanks to closed lanes.

Thirteen major and 34 smaller projects are currently underway, while the Highways Agency has a further 46 projects due to start over the next few months. £24 billion has been set aside by the government for road network improvement schemes between 2010 and 2021. Local authorities have until March 2015 to spend £168 million fixing potholes caused by bad weather.

The following ten roadworks are identified as causing the worst traffic disruption for UK motorists this year.


The A45-A46 interchange at Tollbar Island, colloquially called 'Kamikaze Island', has been named Britain's worst roadworks black spot, with the average motorist taking half an hour to get past the area, thanks to an average speed of 9-10mph. Some motorists have claimed delays of up to two hours at the interchange, but the roadworks are only a third of the way through a programme set to last three and a half years.


Junction 4 of the M5 at Lydiate Ash.

Derby and Nottinghamshire

The M1 from Junction 29 at Alfreton to Junction 31 at Worksop.


At Markeaton Island.


The A14 at Kettering from Junction 7 to Junction 9.


The M4 at Junction 33 and the A4232.


The M25 from Junction 27 for the M11 to Junction 25 for Enfield.

Shropshire and Shrewsbury

The A5 at Preston Boats Island and Emstrey Island.

Blaenau Gwent

The A465 at Tredegar, known as the Heads of the Valleys Road.


The A453 from Clifton to Junction 24 of the M1.

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