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The world's most popular hire cars: What hire car will you be driving this summer?

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If you are flying off to your holiday this year and hiring a car at your destination, rental firm Hertz has declared that you will, most likely, be driving one of the following - the world's most popular hire cars.

Ford Focus

The dependable Focus fulfils so many requirements that it's no surprise to see it here, at number 20.

Fiat Doblo

The Doblo is easier to appreciate as a hire car than under ownership. It's basic but spacious and cheap, leaving you more cash to spend on sangria and tapas.

Renault Captur

The smart French crossover is in 18th place.

Nissan Qashqai

The unstoppable Qashqai is also a favourite rental option.

Skoda Fabia

At number 16, the practical Fabia is compact enough for narrow, cobbled streets but can seat five in reasonable comfort.

Volkswagen Jetta

VW's Golf derived Jetta is more popular abroad than in the UK and is VW's best selling model globally.

Seat Leon

Another VW Group offering at number 14, allowing you to blend in with the crowd in its native Spain.

Citroen Berlingo

Like the Doblo, the Berlingo's appeal grows when your daily cargo is coolboxes, beach towels and lilos, even if it lacks street cred on the school run.

Nissan Altima

Little known in the UK, the reliable Altima at number 12 is one the best selling cars in the USA.

Fiat Punto

Helping hire cars to their reputation as 'the fastest cars in the world' is the regularly thrashed and willing little Fiat Punto, at number 11.

Ford Ka

A good rental choice thanks to surprising robustness, but unfortunately the Ka has never since lived up to the excellence of its first generation model.

Toyota Camry

Another American favourite, the Camry can handle the USA's huge distances with aplomb.

Toyota Corolla

At number eight, the world's best selling car was obviously going to appear on this list.

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat's durability makes it ideal for hire car duties, which tend to be more rigorous than the supermarket and school run.

Fiat Panda

Less chic but far more fun than the Fiat 500, the Panda epitomises Italy.

Seat Ibiza

The new model Ibiza is set to dominate Balearic roads and rental firm fleets.

Vauxhall Zafira

It's awfully boring but the Zafira can accommodate larger families and their luggage.

Volkswagen Golf

The ubiquitous Golf appears at number three.

Ford Fiesta

One of the most rewarding drives of all on this list, Britain's best seller the Fiesta takes second place here.

Vauxhall Corsa

Compact, economical and use friendly, the Corsa is world's most popular hire car.

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