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The UK's Favourite Colour Cars

By raccars Published

Most people, deciding on car colour, base their choice on the colours they really like. However there's a small percentage of ultra-practical buyers who are more interested in the bottom line. How will particular colours affect resale value?

For the last half a decade, black and silver have been way out in front as Britain's most popular car colours, with yellow, orange and beige just as firmly hogging the least favourite spots. Until last year, when the dark side won out, silver just edged out black to the top spot, with those two followed by blue, red and grey.

Car colour trends are hardly an exact science. Fashions in auto colouring appear to be largely driven by manufacturer prodding, with the colour used on any particular vehicle's marketing material being the highest selling colour for the same car. It seems to be a case of familiarity breeding affection. After manufacturer encouragement, you have the fact that the best-selling colour is seen not only in marketing material but also on the roads more. People tend to buy what they are used to seeing.

The second major factor appears to be how well a colour suits a particular car. When you think of a Ferrari, most people think red first. Black can look sleek and sophisticated or even aggressive on the right vehicle while most cars suit silver and fewer suit white. It begs the question why manufacturers bother with the yellows and oranges, but there will always be a small group of drivers who prefer to stand out from the crowd. Something like yellow, well-marketed, can come to signify sporty characteristics, which will make it a selling point in its own right.

An argument could also be made for maintenance. Silver is known to show the dirt less than black or white, for example. Apart from the aforementioned black and silver, metallic colours in general sell better than flat colours, possibly partly for the same reason.

So it appears that those who are forward-thinking enough to worry about the affect on resale value when they are buying a car have a point. In part, this is because buyers simply like certain colours better, but also because there are more available buying options in the most popular colours. While sticking with the traditional favourites will give you a wider pool of potential purchasers, there will always be buyers for the standout colours, the lime greens and hot pinks and it could pay to go bold because rarity value may just give you the edge when it comes to price.

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