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The Return Of TVR

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British sports car manufacturer, TVR, has revealed its first all new model for ten years, after a takeover by a financially stable and ambitious consortium a couple of years ago. The firm has plans to release four new cars from 2017.

In 2013 Les Edgar, a computer gaming entrepreneur, announced that he was heading a team calling itself TVR Automotive Ltd, which had purchased TVR from its previous owner, Russian businessman, Nikolai Smolensky. Currently based near Guildford, the company is looking for manufacturing premises from which to run its operation and its owners are determined to maintain TVR's British heritage. Since the takeover, TVR has been keeping a low profile while beavering away at a strategy to return TVR to its illustrious position in the performance car market.

The team is now ready to start releasing details of its new projects, which are aimed at satisfying long time TVR fans, while also appealing to a whole new generation of potential TVR owners. Prices are yet to be announced but are expected to remain within earlier models' affordable supercar parameters. Neither has the firm confirmed targets for production, but a volume of about 1,000-1,500 is expected.

The TVR management team has engaged the talents of race car designer, Gordon Murray, to help develop its new output, famous for a prestigious career in Formula One design and for the McLaren F1. Along with owner, Les Edgar, and director of operations, John Chasey, there's a considerable amount of racing experience behind the new TVR and the firm intends to continue the brand's tradition of producing track focused, lightweight racers.

There are two models currently under development, similar in mechanicals and each to be offered as a coupe or a convertible. A so far unnamed British design consultancy is responsible for the aesthetics and the cars will be sized according to the Sagaris and Tuscan TVRs of the mid-Noughties. They will follow the same simple, two seater format for which the marque is known, but the forthcoming models will be all new, from the ground up, with no components in common with previous TVRs. All new, modern engineering and construction techniques will be employed.

Gordon Murray Design came up with the mechanicals, which are based around a rear wheel drive, front middle engine layout, with Cosworth V8 units driven by six speed manual transmission. They are designed for pure driving pleasure. More importantly, the new management team is determined to avoid the quality control problems that have plagued the TVR name in the past...

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