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The Record Road Trip

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Audi has joined forces with the RAC, to set a new world record to visit as many countries as possible on one tank of fuel. The challenge is called 'Record Road Trip' and sets off on Tuesday 9 June from Maastricht in the Netherlands.

The pilots undertaking the challenge are motoring journalist, Andrew Frankel, and racing driver, Rebecca Jackson. Andrew's CV includes a drive to the UK from Africa with a single tank of fuel. Rebecca reviews cars for the Telegraph newspaper and has appeared on ITV series, 'I Want That Car.' She has also competed in the RAC's Future of the Car Challenge and is working on bagging herself a place in next year's 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance challenge.

The Audi A6 Ultra saloon they will be using is equipped with a super frugal 2.0 litre TDI engine, capable of 67.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km. Audi has used the most advanced diesel engine technology and allied it with an extra efficient seven speed S-Tronic transmission and exhaust aftertreatments, to create new levels of fuel economy without compromising on performance. Andrew and Rebecca will also be using their considerable driving experience to squeeze every last mile possible out of the 73 litre tank, which should provide at least 1,000 miles of travel.

Their route starts in the Netherlands - the UK is discounted as the rules set by Guinness World Record prohibit the use of ferries or even the Channel Tunnel. They pass through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy and then, hopefully, towards the Balkans. The aim is to touch at least ten countries but there is a possibility they could reach even more.

Guinness World Record regulations mean that a standard A6 Ultra ad standard fuel must be used for the attempt. Any pre-fitted parts must be left intact and the only modifications the team can make are to tyre pressure and the weight they carry. They will drive through the night to use the cooler air and quieter roads to maximise engine efficiency, keeping as much as possible to the 56mph optimum speed.

In order to conserve fuel, the team is planning to keep weight down by taking the bare minimum of supplies. That means paperwork, a first aid kit and the equipment legally stipulated in certain countries, such as warning triangles and high vis jackets. They will also have some water and energy bars for the crew to drink and the RAC will be providing back up in the form of the RAC's patrol ambassador, with a van of essential spare parts.

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