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The Most Valuable Options

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One of the most exciting parts of ordering a brand new car is getting to choose your optional extras. They usually add a significant amount of money to the cost but can make ownership far more comfortable. However, when it comes to selling on the car, which options earn their money back and make the car more desirable to buyers and which will turn out to have been a waste of money?

Air conditioning

Probably the most valuable option in the extras catalogue. Everyone likes air con in the summer so your car will be more desirable at resale time because it will be more comfortable and more economical than driving with the windows down.

Metallic paint

Solid paint finishes are seen to be the cheap option, acceptable only on entry level models. Silver remains the most popular car colour in the UK and is worth paying extra for. However, gaudy metallics will have the opposite effect and could make your car harder to sell later on.

Automatic transmissions

Automatics usually cost significantly more than manual cars to buy new, an expense which is unlikely to be repaid at resale time in a smaller car. However, large saloons are not only more comfortable to drive as automatics but are far easier to sell on too.

Leather seats

Again this is not necessarily worth the extra outlay on a supermini or budget family car but larger, executive models wearing premium badges must have leather seats.


If you have a habit of using your phone in the car then Bluetooth could save you from £100 fines and licence penalty points, which makes it excellent value for money. Used car buyers will think the same.

Cruise control

Not really an essential for urban motoring but drivers who spend a lot of time cruising the motorway will appreciate the convenience of cruise control. Even if you don't end up using it much yourself, cruise control will certainly give you an advantage in the used market, compared to vehicles which don't have it.


Increasingly, eco and budget conscious consumers are looking for any way to save money on both fuel and road tax (VED), and stop-start can help, particularly in an urban environment. It's not sexy but can give your car the edge in the used market.

Parking sensors and cameras

These will help you avoid the kind of minor bumps and scrapes than can, ultimately, carve a significant wedge out of your car's resale value. They will be very popular with used buyers who struggle with parking.

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