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The Most Stylish Cars You Can Buy for £2,000

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Most car purchases, used or new, represent a compromise of some kind between performance and economy, style or practicality or comfort and budget. However, you can satisfy the style requirement from £2,000 with one of these beauties.

Jensen Interceptor

Released in 1966, the Interceptor arguably gets even better with age. Its gorgeous swooping curves are complemented by a thirsty but entertaining Chrysler 6.3 litre V8 with 325bhp. The standard Interceptor could be tricky to handle without some considerable driving skill, but the FF four-wheel-drive version made up for that. Bodywork issues do arise and can be expensive, but engine parts are fairly cheap and plentiful. Avoid the cheapest models because they are likely to cost you more in the long run - £5,000 for new sills, for example.

Porsche 928

One of the curviest cars to emerge from the angular seventies, the 928 from 1978 stood out from the crowd both mechanically and stylistically. It was fast and powerful with a liquid-cooled 4.5 litre V8 under the bonnet in a diversion from your average Porsche format. Technically, it's a very proficient and well-balanced car with a fabulously curvy body which still looks fresh decades later. Earlier examples are best, and you should look at spending £10,000 or more for a really tidy 928.

Alfa Romeo Spider

The 1995 soft-top version of the GTV is a very handsome car even today, blessed with a couple of fantastically punchy engines and smart handling. This is proper Italian soft-top motoring, designed for speeding along coastal roads and looking and feeling cool. These are now available for a bargain £2,000, but walk away unless there's a full service history. Watch out for damaged hoods too because these can be expensive to replace or repair.

Fiat Coupe

The similarly spirited Fiat Coupe was a product of famous car designer Chris Bangle. While some of his work has been controversial, the Fiat Coupe is full of elegant detailing on the outside and a cabin designed by Pininfarina. The sporty-looking interior features a metal body-coloured dash, while the petrol cap is of cast alloy and the tail lights could have come from a Ferrari. Four seats make it a rather practical car. Engaging handling and a couple of strong engine choices mean the Fiat Coupe can be a great used buy from £2,000. Modified examples should be avoided.

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