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The most reliable used cars

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honda civic

Which used cars are the most reliable and worth considering as your next purchase?

Reliability is a significant issue for car buyers in considering what is, after all, the second largest purchase for most of us. And some manufacturers and models have a better track record than most. Here are a few of the top rated vehicles in terms of reliability.

Mazda MX-5

Reliable cars don't have to be boring, as evidenced by this affordable roadster from Mazda. Even first generation models can still be spotted on the road today and the ethos of durability has continued with each subsequent model. Any MX-5 is a good investment for buyers looking for wind-in-the-hair fun in a reliable package.

Toyota Aygo

Sharing the same platform as similar city cars from Citroen and Peugeot, the Aygo is cute, quirky and cheaper to repair than its European-badged siblings. Its popularity means that parts are in plentiful supply, while its innate reliability makes it an increasingly popular choice.

Toyota Prius

Another entry in this list from Toyota, the hybrid Prius is not only more eco-friendly than its rivals but is also less likely to suffer significant faults. It is little wonder that this is the hybrid of choice for taxi firms, a testament to its rugged construction.

Honda Civic

The Civic is one of the most exciting hatchbacks on the market from a design perspective. And as with all of Honda’s cars, it is tough to beat when it comes to reliability, particularly thanks to the impressive engine technology under the bonnet.

VW Polo

The Polo offers a little more prestige than many compact cars and is also amongst the most reliable European-built models on the market. If it was built at any time within the past decade then a used Polo should have plenty of life left in it.

BMW 5 Series

Executive class, consummate luxury and competitive levels of reliability are all present and correct in BMW’s popular 5 Series saloon. Post-2004 models in the E60 generation are a good investment, striking a good balance between value for money and modern technology.

Ford Fiesta

No other car on sale in the UK is as popular as the Fiesta, demonstrating Ford's commitment to quality and reliability. Even when issues do arise, fixing a Fiesta is rarely an expensive proposition and there are thousands of used models on the market.

Kia Picanto

If low cost motoring is a priority, the Picanto merits consideration. It manages to offer a decent level of standard equipment in a reliable package without feeling like a 'budget-only' decision. It even offers a full five doors for easy access to the second row of seats and the admittedly compact boot area.

Mitsubishi Shogun

Off-road vehicles need to be tough and the Shogun is arguably the most resilient of them all, especially if used SUVs are included in your comparison. Compared to its ageing European counterparts the Shogun is a triumph in terms of reliability, even if its four wheel drive system is not entirely cutting edge.

Other Reliable Used Cars

The list of surprisingly sturdy second hand cars goes on and on, with other noteworthy models including the Hyundai Getz, Lexus LS400 and Skoda Octavia all worth considering. As with any used car purchase, it is essential that the seller can provide full documentation and service history. Unless you are an expert, it generally pays to have a professional car inspection for additional peace of mind.

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