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The most outrageous Bugatti yet

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If you thought the Veyron was spectacular, wait until you see the Bugatti Chiron!

Bugatti continues to grow ever more outrageous in both its engineering and its design. After the Veyron, its latest model is the Chiron, a 1,479bhp supercar. Pretty much everything that can be said about the Veyron has already been said, and now the new model is set to challenge the production car world speed record, currently 268mph. Like the Veyron, the Chiron will be Bugatti's only production model.

The numbers

On the surface, the Chiron's 8.0 litre quadruple turbo W16 engine looks similar to the Veyron's, but Bugatti claims that while the format is the same, most of the components are brand new. The production car speed record is currently held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which had its electronic limiter deactivated for the procedure. The Chiron is some 300bhp more powerful than its predecessor and features a speedometer reaching 310mph. In production form it will be electronically limited to 261mph or 420km/h but Bugatti claims that computer simulations have indicated that the car is capable of 288mph. 0-62mph takes 2.4 seconds.

Bigger and better

This sort of performance has been enabled thanks to the enlargement of the quad turbos and a pioneering new spooling system in two stages. The Chiron, like the Veyron, is built of carbon fibre and features a titanium exhaust and six huge catalytic converters. Bugatti also claims that the clutch fitted to the Chiron is the highest performance unit ever seen in a passenger car. Fortunately the Chiron is also fitted with brakes made of carbon silicon carbide and with eight pistons, which are assisted by an air brake protruding from the rear.

While straight line speed is what's needed for speed record attempts, Bugatti has put considerable work into weight reduction, which has included using a monocoque chassis in carbon fibre. With adaptive suspension too, the company is hoping to maximise driver entertainment with added agility.

Characteristically Bugatti

From the outside the Chiron is predictably striking, combining generous curves with sharp lines. The front headlights are long and low, with a 1.6 metre LED strip running across the rear to act as taillights. It's a little larger than the Veyron and roomier inside, fitted with luxuries such as WiFi connectivity, a high spec audio system and leather trim in a choice of 31 colours.

Production run of 500 planned

The Chiron, named after the Monegasque racing driver Louis Chiron, will be available to order in the UK exclusively from luxury dealer H.R. Owen in London. Based upon a production run of 500 units, over 200 of these have been sold already, and of these 15 were to British customers.

One customer has apparently ordered six Chirons, although naturally Bugatti will not reveal any names. Each car costs an incredible £1.9 million, and customers spend on average an extra £250,000 on optional extras. With competition for ownership of the Chiron running high, Bugatti has noticed a spike in the sale of used Veyrons as customers look for preferential treatment as existing Bugatti owners in order to get on the waiting list for the new model.

Money making

What's also interesting about the Chiron is that Bugatti is confident that the car will make money for its parent company The VW Group. This follows rumours that development costs for the Veyron were so high that the firm lost money on every model it sold. This will certainly be welcome news for The VW Group, which is facing paying out substantial fines and compensation to customers affected by the on-going 'dieselgate' scandal.

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