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The Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept and its Dynamic Shield

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New design language shown off in Paris by what could be the Mitsubishi ASX’s successor.

The GT-PHEV Concept, otherwise known as The ‘Ground Tourer’ is central to Mitsubishi’s stand at this year’s Paris motor show as it displays the company’s latest expression in its design journey. The GT-PHEV features plug-in hybrid technology and a forward-looking design that is far more outlandish than any of Mitsubishi’s production cars to date, including the ASX.

With its narrow glasshouse and steeply-raked windscreen, together with chiselled side panels and vertical light arrays, the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV is not a car that wants to disappear amongst the masses.

A Dynamic Shield for drivers

The Ground Tourer’s front end has similar design cues to the XR PHEV II, which appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. This front-end design is called Dynamic Shield by Mitsubishi, suggesting that safety features are on offer. Tsunehiro Kunimoto, Mitsubishi's head of design, says that the large grille gives a ‘high performance’ appearance, whilst the black plastic on the bottom half reduces wind noise.

The rear bumper, meanwhile, aims to have a skid plate-look and the light bar across the back housing the brake and taillights continues the ‘horizontal themes’ of Mitsubishi’s design heritage, according to Kunimoto.

High tech and space ambitions

Inside, there is what Mitsubishi terms a ‘horizontal dashboard, which includes a detailing strip in chrome. This, says the brand, makes the interior feel more spacious. Ergonomics, meanwhile, are helped by rotary dials, and easy-to-use driving mode selectors. The burgundy leather trim matches the highlights of colour on the exterior and there is a high central console.

The instrument cluster sits in the centre of the vehicle and there are two virtual mirrors on either side which are designed to give the driver a clear image taken from cameras which are mounted in the usual location of the door mirrors.

The power behind the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV

The Mitsubishi GT-PHEV features a triple-motor PHEV set-up with a next-gen battery pack, a petrol engine and a trio of electric motors. A 2.5-litre engine can be found beneath the bonnet, whilst the 25kWh battery pack is housed under the floor. The car has a 75-mile electric-only range and a 750-mile total range with the engine running.

The hybrid system is designed to boost ability both on- and off-road as a result of four-wheel drive technology which is termed ‘Super All Wheel Control.' CO2 emissions are said to be just 26g/km and the car has cloud connection, making it possible to access a range of route information, including road and weather conditions.

A series of cameras and sensors can also pick up local information, which the vehicle can use to improve the range and fuel economy by ensuring that the drive train operates most efficiently for the conditions. The five-door concept is said to hint at the appearance of future Mitsubishis, according to the manufacturer, and the revelation of a completely new production car line-up will begin at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The Mitsubishi Dynamic Shield explained

The Mitsubishi’s Dynamic face aims to give the impression of powerful performance, together with a ‘sense of protection’, according to its designers. It is apparently based on a ‘form follows function’ ethos whereby a protector at the front becomes part of the design of the car whilst offering protection for both the vehicle and its occupants.

Two different levels of light have also been included in the design of the face to boost the visibility of the car for pedestrians and to prevent dazzling oncoming drivers. Mitsubishi has committed to further refining the Dynamic Shield design in the future, whilst maintaining the same concept and benefits.

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