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The manufacturing year 2014: the losers

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2014 was characterised by falling sales and a series of recalls for these unfortunate manufacturers:


Never a big hit in the UK, Chevrolet has now decided to give up on Europe altogether. A series of recalls hasn't helped the US brand's pitiful sales figures.


It's still the world's biggest auto manufacturer but in 2014, Toyota was beset by recall issues - 6.4 million cars were affected in April, followed by another 1.75 million in October. This all rather took the shine off a series of good product launches, such as the Aygo city car, Toyota's share of a triumvirate with the Peugeot 108/Citroen C1.


Similar difficulties marred Honda's 2014. The company has been out of the headlines for a few years now but 2015 could signal a change, with a few new models on the horizon for the Japanese firm that could see it back in the headlines - certainly a new NSX is something to be cheerful about.


Another American firm which has never quite cracked the UK sensibility, Chrysler barely registered on the sales radar here this year. Now that Fiat has taken over and the Chrysler Group has become FCA US, the chances are it will follow Chevrolet's lead and become nothing more than a footnote in UK automotive history.


It's not been all bad news, with plenty of interesting new metal on the way for Vauxhall, but a recall notice in October blighted the reputations of the Adam and the stalwart Corsa. Fortunately, an all new Corsa is waiting in the wings for 2015.


A new Mustang - even available as a right hand drive - and a much awaited new Mondeo aside, things have been a little bleak for Ford. Shares sank thanks to poor financial results in South America and Russia, while profitability is only part of a long term plan in Europe.

Alfa Romeo

The Italian firm has really been clinging on by a thread over the past year. However, the new 4C went down very well and a bold new plan by parent company, Fiat, should see a return to respectability and, hopefully, profitability for the glamorous Alfa Romeo.


Another American horror story. Sales just don't seem to be keeping up with a pretty good model line up for Cadillac. Questions have hovered around poor advertising and over ambitious pricing, leaving General Motors with another problem child on its hands.

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