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The Longest Wait For A New Car

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Having spent months or years saving up for a new car, it can be very frustrating to go to the dealership, prepared to hand over a large wad of cash, only to be told the vehicle you're trying to buy is subject to a long waiting list. On average, buyers have to wait 13 weeks for a new car, so which ones do you have to wait for?

The Skoda Roomster, Kia Sorento and Honda Civic can all be delivered within 16-20 weeks, which all but the most impatient should be able to bear with a little fortitude. However, it gets worse...

If you want to get your hands on an Audi A3 saloon, you'll be waiting 18-24 weeks, although the hatchback version could be yours within 12-16 weeks if you can live without a boot stuck on the back, and the VW Beetle appears to be trying to cement a left of mainstream status, with a 20 week wait for delivery.

The fifth longest wait for a car involves the BMWs X3 and X5, both of which can take 24 weeks to arrive and also the Range Rover Sport, which has waiting lists crowded with WAGs and Chelsea yummy mummies, meaning you have to wait nearly half a year to get your hands on one.

Nissan has kept pace with the popularity of its Nissan Qashqai small SUV fairly well, with most models subject to an 8 - 12 week lead time. However, buyers investing in the range topping Tekna trim level with a CVT automatic gearbox will have to wait six months before they can pull onto their driveway in one.

However, easily the longest waiting time for a mainstream car is the 52 weeks - that's right, one whole year - delay for the Mercedes-Benz GL seven seat SUV. Impatient buyers need not bother apply and should go for a Toyota instead - the Japanese company's complete model line up is available within 2 - 6 weeks, including the GT86 sports car, the Land Cruiser SUV or the economical Prius.

Renault is pretty quick off the mark too, with a 4 -5 week lead time on all models, and Peugeot is close behind with a six week lead time across the board. Another safe bet for those pressed for time is Hyundai, with all cars in its range subject to a 6 - 8 week lead time and BMW displays admirable German efficiency, with most customers only having to wait 6 - 8 weeks even for the most popular models such as the 3 Series.

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