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The finest used cars money can buy

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Imagine the day has finally come - you've won the lottery and can buy the finest, fastest and most exotic cars on the market. But would you choose used cars?

Of course you don't have to buy used cars; you can go out and buy any brand new supercar. But if you're looking for something with rarity value, something a little more unusual and less obvious, these are some of the most desirable cars you can buy. The problem is, they are no longer available new so you will need to look at the used car market.

The most exotic and interesting used cars

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster

Made from 2007-2009, this was something really quite special and rather unusual, a collaboration between two of the best sports car manufacturers in the world. It's a brutal, barn storming roadster with boy racer-pleasing features such as side exit exhausts, combined with a sophisticated 5.7 litre V8 producing 617bhp.

It looks spectacular and offers jaw dropping performance - think 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, pinpoint accurate steering and brakes that grip like an angry Pitbull. The SLR McLaren was originally available as a coupe, with the roadster version added later on. Either model is a rare and beautiful thing but the roadster is particularly desirable.

Mercedes always planned for this to be a limited production vehicle but never sold as many as predicted, so you won't see many of them around. A top quality, low mileage used roadster will cost around £300,000 but is actually a more usable and reliable car than the average exotic supercar.

Saleen S7

Now this really is a break from the norm, a hand-crafted supercar of American English origin. It was made from 2000-2006 from the finest materials, including a lightweight carbon fibre bodyshell and aerodynamic engineering creating ridiculous amounts of downforce. This is necessary to keep it on the road, as the S7 is apparently capable of reaching 60mph within 2.8 seconds.

Post 2005 models gained a little extra power, to the tune of 750bhp from a Ford-sourced twin turbo 7.0 litre V8, which should help it to achieve a top speed of 248mph. Expect to pay about £850,000 for an import of this most interesting sports car in immaculate condition.

Pagani Zonda F Clubsport

Only 25 examples of the 2005 Zonda F supercar were ever made, so you will be in some very exclusive company here. It's an exquisitely made 641bhp beast of a car, using a 7.3 litre V12 to get from 0-62mph within 3.6 seconds.

This is a driver's car for sure but includes a finely detailed cabin and displays huge road presence. Paganis are known to be pretty reliable too, so it's a relatively safe way to spend about one and a half million! For that price you'll get an excellent example with less than 10,000 miles on the clock and which is unlikely to suffer from depreciation any time soon.

Maserati MC12

Maserati built 50 units of this road car to allow it to comply with FIA GT regulations. It's not the fastest, most powerful or most famous Maserati but it is an exclusive ownership prospect and relatively affordable. Based upon the Ferrari Enzo, it costs about £1.2 million - which is about £300,000 less than the more populous Enzo, of which some 400 were made.

Few MC12s have passed the 5,000 mile mark and they've usually been very well cared for, so effectively you'll be buying an almost new Italian supercar. This is a (just about) road legal, naturally aspirated racer with a 623bhp V12 and a 3.8 second sprint to 62mph. Motoring doesn't get much more entertaining than that.

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