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The Fastest Car In The World?

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There are different kinds of fast in the automotive world. There's the highest top speed or the quickest acceleration, for example. Some cars are measured by real world performance and others by scientific theory. Road conditions and other external parameters must also be considered, such as are the vehicles being tested on a straight line point to point or on a twisty, uneven course? There will be a different fastest car in the world for each circumstance.

Nonetheless, the following cars hold the honour of being world beaters in their particular categories:

Fastest production car The Hennessey Venom GT recently stole the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport's crown as the world's fastest production car, having recorded the speed of 270.49mph on 14 February this year. The test, held at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, beat the Bugatti's 269.86mph record run by less than 1mph.

Fastest acceleration The Ariel Atom can get from 0-60mph faster than any other production car in the world at 2.3 seconds. The unusually constructed car is exoskeletal, which means it is built with an external chassis and doesn't carry windows, a roof panel or various other standard road vehicle features.

Fastest modified car The Plasmaboy Racing owned 1972 Datsun doesn't look like your average supercar, but is modified to the tune of 0-60mph in a gobsmacking 1.8 seconds. 'The White Zombie,' as the incongruous beast has been christened, is the result of more than £60,000 of sponsorship funds and a set of helicopter batteries.

Fastest kit car The Ultima GTR, otherwise known as the Maxximus G-Force, managed to beat a Ferrari Enzo, worth £450,000 and a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, worth £1.5 million, around the Top Gear test track. by 6.2 seconds per lap and 4.0 seconds per lap respectively, according to independent timing. Onlookers were apparently flabbergasted.

Fastest electric racer All the major auto manufacturers are in a race of their own to come up with the fastest electric track car, but the Nissan ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car) is currently the winner. It can top 186mph with a full electric drivetrain and competed in this year's Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race, getting to over 300km/h and managing a whole lap of the Le Mans track solely on electric power. Nissan admits that a more advanced battery would be necessary for a full 24 hour race.

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