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The Family Car Survival Kit

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Are you setting off in your car for your summer holiday this year? If so - and even if not - make sure you have everything your family needs to hand, on every journey. Breakdowns, traffic jams and other traffic incidents are inconvenient at any time but can quickly achieve catastrophic proportions if you are carrying young passengers. As the Scouts say: be prepared...


Cars used to come with a useful little tool kit but you're unlikely to find one in a modern vehicle unless you put it there yourself. Of course, if you don't know a ratchet from a screwdriver, then a tool kit won't be particularly helpful, so perhaps you should make a point of learning how to use a few essential items for basic repairs, such as changing a wheel.

A Torch

You'll be amazed how often you'll use a torch in the car, from changing the aforementioned wheel to map reading, finding toys lost under the seats and finding a safe place on the grass verge to use as a makeshift toilet...

Snacks and Drinks

You should always have snacks handy when you're travelling with children, even if only to use as a bribe after one too many refrains of 'are we there yet?' While you can pull off at service stations, snacks and drinks brought from home will be healthier, cheaper and more immediate.

Power Inverter

Used to charge up mobile phones, tablet computers, e-readers, games consoles etc. Choose one with single or multiple outlets and USB ports, depending upon your needs.


Keep them quiet in the back with a variety of toys and gadgets. Some children suffer travel sickness if they read in the car, so make sure alternative options are available - DVDs, games consoles, music, colouring books etc. If all else fails, you can fall back on 'I Spy'.

Spare Clothes

Mud, sick, spilt food and drinks, broken zips and shoes straps - all of these and more happen on a daily basis with young children. Make sure you have plenty of spare clothes, nappies, towels and other essential kit within easy reach in the car.

Cleaning Kit

How would parents survive without wet wipes? Consider keeping a packet in every door pocket if you're travelling with kids, along with paper towels. A first aid kit is also certain to come in handy at some point.

Blankets and Pillows

Keeping them comfortable will help to keep them quiet. It could also eliminate any arguments of ‘I’m too hot’ ‘But I’m too cold’.

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