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The End Of Top Gear?

By raccars Published

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Quite enough has been said already about the Jeremy Clarkson fracas, which has led to uncertainty about the future of Britain's most popular motoring show. What car fans really want to know is how their interests will be catered for in the future - will the programme continue in its current format but with a new presenter to replace Clarkson? Will the show be axed altogether? Will it be spruced up and return with a makeover?

It seems the BBC has yet to make any final decisions on the future of the show but, in the meantime, has announced that it will soon be airing a special, one off episode, as a last hurrah to Top Gear as we know it. When the furore occurred, two episodes of the series had been filmed but not yet aired, which the BBC will be showing as a single event.

It's understood that while Jeremy Clarkson will be seen in sections of the show which had already been filmed before his fall from grace, he will not be appearing in the studio sections of the episode with James May and Richard Hammond. The theme of the first half of the episode is to be classic car ownership, which will see the presenters taking an MGB GT, a Fiat 124 Spider and a Peugeot 304 Cabriolet on one of their characteristically chaotic adventures.

The second half of the show focuses on the lifestyle leisure sector, which sees the trio - attired in dinner suits - buying SUVs on a £250 budget and embarking upon a series of brutal challenges as, allegedly, faced by lifestyle leisure enthusiasts. The loser is forced to appear as an after dinner speaker. Along the way there are the usual high jinks involving caravans, a fair amount of mud and a lot of doubt about the likely survival of the vehicles involved.

The BBC has not confirmed an air date for the special episode but it is expected to be broadcast within the next few weeks. Richard Hammond and James May are known to have been in studio filming additional segments. Meanwhile, the rumour mill suggests the redoubtable threesome could be planning a new show to be made available on streaming service, Netflix. Elsewhere, an interminable list of replacements for Jeremy Clarkson has been suggested, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Whatever the future of the show and the presenters, Sunday evenings will certainly be different for car fans...

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