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The End Of The Paper Driving License: What You Need To Know

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This year saw the demise of the paper tax disc and the DVLA will continue its assault on paper in 2015, as we say goodbye to the UK driving licence paper counterpart. From 8 June next year, drivers will need to be aware of some changes to UK driving licence regulations.


As of 8 June the DVLA will no longer issue a paper counterpart with new or replacement driving licences. The green paper which is rarely used except when hiring a car will become invalid and drivers will only need their photocard licence. Instead car hire firms and drivers will be able to check their details online using the MyLicence system, run jointly by the DVLA with the Motor Insurers Bureau.

The online system will also be available to car insurers to help them identify motorists making false statements when applying for insurance, particularly relating to driving convictions. However insurers need the permission of the driver and licence number before being able to access the data.

Old paper counterparts

Motorists with an existing green paper counterpart can destroy these from 8 June 2015. Only the photocard remains valid. Drivers who don't have a photocard and only have a paper licence - those issued before 1998 - will need to keep these. From the same date, licence penalty points will be recorded by the DVLA's digital system, details of which can be checked online, by post or by telephone.

Changing your address

When you need to change the address on your driving licence you can still use your paper counterpart to do so or you can go online. Those who only have paper licences will have them replaced by a photocard version if they need to change their address or any other details.

Licence endorsements

Police making roadside stops will be able to verify endorsements electronically at the time using the Police National Computer system. Penalty points and endorsements will be recorded digitally and held on DVLA driver records as the result of any court proceedings.

Digital records

Car hire firms will be able to access drivers' digital records through an online enquiry service which can also be made available to employers. Access will not be granted without the driver's knowledge and permission. The system makes driver data available immediately and eliminates the need for costly and time consuming enquiries to the DVLA by telephone or post.

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