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The costs of buying a car

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The costs of buying a car

The costs of buying a car can often be a surprise. A car data check allows you to review the history of a vehicle, and provide essential information you might need before buying a car – avoiding any surprises. The RAC Car Passport is the UK’s most comprehensive car history check and provides essential advice from motoring experts.

A recent RAC study of more than 2,300 motorists revealed that drivers are failing to take advantage of the wealth of information that is now available about vehicles, with just under ten percent of those who have bought a car privately confirming that they paid for a professional to inspect the car before handing over their money.

The RAC study also revealed that some 70% of buyers of private vehicles carry out no history checks at all, and only 10% of used car buyers are taking the time to check a car’s history before purchasing. This means they could be purchasing a vehicle that has a shady past – with outstanding finance for instance, or potentially having been written off.

From a sample of over 21,000 checks conducted, almost a quarter highlighted serious issues with a vehicle’s history. As finance companies are within their rights to demand payment from a new car owner in possession of a vehicle with an existing loan on it, not checking the car history can potentially send your costs as a buyer soaring.

Buyer’s Report

This report gives an additional level of confidence in the vehicle for any potential buyer. Our vehicle check provides a report that will tell you whether a car has been stolen, has outstanding finance, has been written off, or if it has had previous plates. It also includes a private sale valuation of the car, the marque’s common Breakdown and MOT faults, running costs and an independent review of the make and model. All of this can be printed as one handy document, helping you get the best price for your prospective vehicle.

View an example of the buyer’s report here.

The RAC Car Passport car data check reports are of great help to buyers in the Used Car market. They promote much-needed peace of mind when buying a vehicle, reducing risk and making sure that you should not encounter any unexpected costs after you have purchased your new car.

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