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The Bugatti Veyron Bows Out After Ten Years

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After a decade in production, the last of the first generation of Bugatti Veyron ever to be made has been sold. Famous for its 'fastest production car in the world' tag - and its price tag - 450 first generation Veyrons have been made by Bugatti.

The original, 252mph Veyron came in coupe format and was followed by what felt like an endless array of special editions, including the Super Sport, which broke records with its 268mph top speed, and convertibles, the Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse. The last ever Veyron was a special edition called 'La Finale,' which has been bought by a customer from the Middle East. Before he takes delivery, however, the car will be making an appearance at next month's Geneva Motor Show along with the first Veyron ever to be built.

The Veyron story began in 2005 with an 8.0 litre W16 monster, boasting four turbochargers and 987bhp. The car fast became a favourite of premiership footballers and wealthy Middle Eastern buyers. By 2010, the Super Sport could claim an astonishing 1184bhp and a price tag of almost £2 million. The Super Sport was given the title of fastest production car in the world and managed to hang on to that record for four years, with 267.856mph. Eventually the Hennessey Venom GT beat that but, officially, the Veyron retains the crown for technical reasons.

These days the average Veyron costs £1.7 million, taking into account optional extras.

So what's next for Bugatti? The firm is not giving up on the Veyron and has decided to develop a second generation version of its supercar. The pressure is on for manufacturers to heed new emissions guidelines and to compete with autonomous driving technology and electronic speed limiters. Nonetheless, Bugatti plans to introduce its even more powerful mark two Veyron in 2016.

Industry rumour suggests the previous model's W16 engine will be modified to squeeze out some extra bhp and will be accompanied by the most up to date hybrid engine technology. Bugatti is also said to be trying to reduce weight for the second generation. The next Veyron has already been spotted in testing around the Nurburgring.

A further challenge for Bugatti is to try and extract a bit of profit from the Veyron this time around, as the original generation models were all sold at a loss.

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