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The Best Selling Cars Ever

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Land Rover recently celebrated a production milestone in the form of 6,000,000 cars. However, it's not enough to put Land Rover into the list of best selling cars ever...

10 - Volkswagen Passat VW has sold 15.5 million units of its compact executive car / family saloon to date.

9 - Ford Model T Often called the most influential car of all time, the Model T was revolutionary in its production methods, opening up car ownership to the masses for the first time by using moving assembly lines. 16.5 million Model Ts were sold from 1908-1927.

8 - Honda Accord Another best seller in America which has made relatively little impact here, the Accord was the first Japanese model to be built in the US. 17.5 million Accords have been sold worldwide since its launch in 1976.

7 - Ford Escort The Escort name was given to different models for Europe from 1968 and North America from 1981, but overall, 18 million units were sold worldwide. Ford is bringing the Escort nameplate back in the Chinese market as a re-engineered Focus saloon.

6 - Honda Civic It was the arrival of the Civic in 1972 that helped Honda to become a global giant. 18.5 million units have been sold so far and a new, hot Type R variant shows there's plenty of life left in the Civic yet.

5 - VAZ-2101 Also known as the Lada Riva, Lada 1200 and the Fiat 124, this badge engineered model was not very good but still managed to sell 19.3 million units from 1970-1988.

4 - Volkswagen Beetle One of the world's best loved cars, 23.5 million Beetles have been sold since its introduction in 1938 at the hands of Hitler, who requested Porsche to come up with a true 'people's car'.

3 - Volkswagen Golf Nearly 30 million Golfs have been sold over seven generations, which helped to invent the supermini sector upon release in 1974, and then the Eighties hot hatch craze with the GTI.

2 - Ford F Series The best selling vehicle in North America, the F Series is part of the pick up market segment which Brits have never really got the hang of. Almost all of its 35 million unit sales since 1948 have been in the US.

1 - Toyota Corolla With more than 40 million unit sales, the Toyota Corolla is the best selling car ever and has been for some time. Relatively low profile in the UK, its popularity in the US and the rest of the world since its release in 1966 helped the Corolla to the top spot in 1997, replacing the VW Beetle.

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