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The Best Selling Cars Around The World

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The Ford Fiesta is by far the UK's best selling car, with the Focus not far behind it. Vauxhall is also usually lurking in the top spots, all of which goes to show how British car buyers like to stick to what they consider home grown talent. Globalisation may have skewed that tradition somewhat but it seems that national pride holds sway internationally when it comes to choosing a car...


The Peugeot 208 is the number one choice of French drivers, thanks to a series of quirky ads, an attractive purchase price and a compact but practical size.


The perennially stylish and excellent Volkswagen Golf is not only German buyers' car of choice but one of the best selling cars in the world. A long time favourite of British drivers too, the lower price point of other cars in its class have pushed it down the list a little.


The struggling Spanish economy has had a catastrophic effect on new car sales. Currently the indigenous Seat Ibiza is on top but the Opel Corsa and VW Polo have also been favourites this year while budget brand Dacia is continuing its inexorable creep across Europe with a successful assault on the Iberian Peninsula.


The funky little Fiat 500 may be driving its way into the hearts of buyers elsewhere but the more utilitarian Panda has dictated Italian driving habits since its release in 1980 and remains a mainstay of the country's new car sales.


The US predilection for monstrous trucks leaves European drivers somewhat bemused, but the 6.3 metre long Ford F-Series's thirst for fuel clearly doesn't trouble our American cousins that much as it's the country's best selling vehicle.


China's best selling car wears a Volkswagen badge but the Lavida was designed purely for the Chinese market and is built in VW's Shanghai facility. It's not the German firm's most stylish effort but it seems to please its domestic audience, with nearly 40 thousand models sold last year.


The Maruti Alto is in fact a badge engineered Suzuki, built in India and very popular in the Asian market. The super economical small hatchback is powered by a modest 796cc engine and, in natural gas form, can return about 80mpg.


Breaking this run of national pride is Australia's best seller, the Mazda 3. After years of domination by home grown Holden, particularly the Commodore model, the collapse of the country's auto industry has allowed the major Japanese firms to run riot over its sales figures.

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