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Tesla Model X to reach the UK in updated form

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The Tesla Model X is due to reach the UK in a matter of months, after an update.

Tesla is upgrading the battery for its SUV for greater range and added performance, as indicated by a change to trim level designations. The entry level 70D will become the 75D as the battery capacity increases from 70kWh to 75kWh. The upgrade will increase the SUV's range to 237 miles from the current 220 miles. In the USA this improvement has added another $3,000 into the previous $80,000 price tag. Performance-wise the Model X reaches 60mph in six seconds flat and can get to a top speed of 130mph.

Tesla Model X recall

The Model X has also been the subject of Tesla's first recall recently, thanks to a potential hinge failure in the third seating row. The fault was discovered during the testing process to conform to European safety regulations and means that the 2,700 models sold thus far will need to be recalled so that the hinge can be replaced. The problem will not affect any UK models. The US Tesla website has recently been updated with a configurator tool for the Model X, which will hopefully also be available on the company's UK website soon.

The Tesla Model X SUV has been plagued by delays since the company originally started taking orders in 2012. Tesla has been open about problems in the supply chain and its own inability to keep up with the production schedule for its core Model S, to which it has attributed the Model X's slow production start.

What is it?

The first US customers received their cars in September last year and the Model X was introduced to Europe earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. It's hard to estimate at this stage if the SUV will create the same kind of splash in its sector that the Model S has made in the executive car market segment.

The Model X is an electric powered all-wheel drive SUV which is able to seat seven. There's some pretty dramatic styling from the outside including rear doors in a 'falcon wing' configuration - similar to gullwing doors but these fold up neatly, requiring less space to open. Unfortunately there have been complaints about the functioning of the doors, or lack thereof.

Health and safety

The Model X is also packed with modern technology including safety features such as collision avoidance. Tesla claims that it is the safest SUV in the world and a sensor system on those rear falcon wing doors is included to ensure that they don't bang against any surrounding objects while being used. Tesla also claims that the Model X includes 'bioweapons defence' capabilities in the form of a HEPA cabin filtering system which provides the occupants of the car with medical grade clean air. Apparently the system is capable of protecting against the entry of any bacteria, viruses and spores.

The Model X is definitely more of a soft roader in action than a serious utility vehicle, but the top of the range P90D edition comes fitted with the much hyped 'Ludicrous Speed' function which will shoot it from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds. Even without enabling that option you're only talking about 3.8 seconds to get to 60mph, which is very quick indeed.

Tesla is hoping that the Model X will double its sales worldwide, while the Model 3 compact executive car, due next year, is already receiving record breaking pre-orders. The company has yet to announce a price for the Model X in the UK but it's reasonable to assume it will be on a par with the Model S, so you're looking at about £50,000-£90,000.

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