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Ten Cars Of The Future From London's Royal College of Art

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London's Royal College of Art runs one of the most prestigious automotive design courses in the world. This year's graduates were asked to come up with their vision of a car for the future, focusing on sustainability and an emotional connection with the driver. There's a strong possibility that at least some of their efforts could be coming to a production line near you very soon...

Daniel Quinlan's Virtuous

Described as an 'honest EV', this two seater electric vehicle is a space age, beefy interpretation of the freedom the designer sees in EVs, compared to petrol driven cars, with funky, etched glass panels.

Xiangyin Yao's Fresh Air

Even more out there is this 'stress relieving' buggy type car. The designer hopes its futuristic, airy cabin will mimic the feel of being in the open air rather than being enclosed.

Weiyi Wang's Genesis

Wang is looking further into the future with a design for the car of 2050, showing how mankind will communicate better with nature. Wang is hoping cars will go greener and work with the environment rather than against it.

Vera Jiyeong Park's BMW SIG

The super intelligent BMW SIG is a vision of a car that can communicate directly with the human brain to stimulate pleasure in driving.

Hoe-young Hwang's 'Super Normal' Bentley

Supple, sleek and ultra minimal, Hwang's car allegedly distils the essence of a Bentley in a rejection of vehicles designed by computer and 3D printing.

Selim Benhabib's Wreck-Less

The lightweight, almost flimsy looking Wreck-Less does away with modern safety features on the basis that crash-avoidance technology will make it unnecessary. It harks back to a more relaxed era of driving before the restrictions of safety regulations.

Nicholas Dunderdale's Mercedes Rainmaster

A prediction for the automotive culture of 2085, this EV lightens up by carrying its electric drivetrain equipment in the lateral body panels. Another cool feature allows the four wheeled vehicle to be split into two to form two separate motorbikes.

Minwoo Hwang's Beautiful Death?

Not quite as morbid as it sounds, the death in question is that of the car itself, with a predetermined life cycle that avoids waste end products.

Ji Won Yun's Light Vision Maserati

A stripped down version of modern sports cars that gets back to the essence of the beast rather than the overly luxurious ornamentation that characterises current day vehicles.

Jannis Carius's Bentley Sterling

Looking to the past for inspiration rather than the future, this still forward looking ride takes analogue watches as its cue, with the aim of creating a car that can be passed on to later generations as an heirloom.

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