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Takata Airbag Fault Causes More Recalls

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Toyota and Nissan have announced a recall of 6.5 million cars due to potentially faulty airbags. British and European models are affected by the Takata airbag fault, which has already been the reason for previous recalls.

Toyota is in the process of contacting customers to arrange for the replacement of faulty parts within airbag deployment systems which could cause them to inflate accidentally. Nissan customers in the UK will also be affected and Honda owners will also be subject to recalls.

The Takata airbag saga began in 2008, when a potential problem was identified with airbags made by the Japanese components supplier. The three biggest auto manufacturers in Japan - Toyota, Nissan and Honda - have been forced to issue about 25 million recall notices in that time, affecting car owners worldwide. Seven other manufacturers who have been supplied by Takata have also had to issue recall notices.

The latest round of recalls includes another 6.5 million cars, of which Toyota has confirmed that 1.2 million will be in Europe. Of these, about 160,000 are estimated to be in the UK. Toyota models included in the recall notice are the Yaris, Corolla, Avensis and Avensis Verso, the RAV4, Hilux and the Picnic built from 2003-2007.

Toyota has claimed that Takata has now clarified the source of the problem, which was moisture entering the system that deploys the airbags. No injuries or deaths have been reported relating to the problem. However, Honda claims that the inappropriate inflation of airbags has been responsible for six deaths in its cars. Honda is currently preparing a list of its cars in Europe and the UK which will be subject to a recall notice.

Toyota owners whose cars are affected by the problem will be contacted by the firm by post or be telephone within the next six weeks. The issue is to be rectified free of charge and Toyota has stressed that the work is simply a precautionary measure.

Nissan has not yet contacted its customers but has stated that the Takata recall campaign will be extended to include extra models from 2004-2007 which are fitted with 'SPI' inflator systems. This is expected to number some 100,000 cars, including the X-Trail, Terrano II, Almera and Almera Tino and the Navara pick-up. Owners will hear from the manufacturer in June to arrange for the replacement of the faulty part.

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