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Suzuki's Future Ambitions

By raccars Published

Sales and marketing manager, Dale Wyatt, has been talking about Suzuki's grand plans for the future, which include five brand new models. Among the most interesting and important newcomers will be a Nissan Juke rivaling compact SUV and a super efficient entry to the city car market sector.

First out of the starting gates is a Suzuki Splash and Alto replacement in 2014. The new car will take its boot from the existing Swift model and will be fitted with the brand's existing petrol, three cylinder engine, updated to produce only 80g/km in CO2 emissions. This will make it the most efficient vehicle in its class. Suzuki is planning to build the Splash sized car at its Thailand plant and release it at a price point somewhere between the current Splash and Alto models.

By 2015, customers will be able to buy a new compact SUV, which Suzuki hope will compete with the likes of the Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur and current market leader, the Nissan Juke. Manufacture will be based in Hungary, using a shortened SX4 S-Cross chassis. The car will be available with both two and four wheel drive and will probably be powered by the larger car's engine range. Keeping up with the prevailing market trend, buyers of the SUV will be able to specify a number of customisation options. Prices are expected to start at about £13,000.

In addition to these two key models, Suzuki is also looking at taking the G70 from concept to production status, which is likely to involve a Fiat sourced, two cylinder petrol turbo powertrain.

The plans continue into 2016 with the introduction of a compact MPV based upon the Swift, but with better rear passenger and boot space, followed by a major update to the Swift itself. Along with the upcoming new models, Suzuki is planning to plug a couple of gaps in the current Swift line up this year, with the addition of a hot hatch style Swift Sport and a more rugged 4x4. The latter will come in two variations, one with four wheel drive but identical styling to the standard car, the other challenging Fiat's Panda 4x4, with a chunky look, plus a higher ride height and bigger tyres.

Suzuki is hoping the brand expansion will increase its annual sales in the UK to above 40,000 units. Industry rumour suggests, however, that despite the upcoming future model ambitions, the company is keen to retain its respectable niche brand status and focus on sustainable development, rather than seriously challenge the major players.

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