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Suzuki Goes Wild for Tokyo

By raccars Published

Suzuki has teased a trio of pretty radical new concepts ahead of an official unveiling at next month's Tokyo Motor Show. Opening with a compact crossover, there's also a hybrid 4x4 and a hatchback crossover.

The Crosshiker compact crossover displays funky city car-esque proportions, mated to an elevated ride height. VW has shown something similar in the Taigun. The Crosshiker is a natural progression from 2011's G70 concept, updated with a thoroughly modern ultra light chassis. A new three cylinder 1.0 litre engine shouldn't have any trouble with a 810kg kerb weight.

The X-Lander 4x4 takes its cue from the Suzuki Jimny, riding on that car's platform but updated with a smart and light hybrid powertrain. The electric motors are assisted by a 1.3 litre engine. There's a good chance of the X-Lander 4x4, or a modified version of it at least, making it to the production line, as Suzuki has planned its own rival to the Nissan Juke for 2015. There's a place under the SX4 S-Cross in the company's line up, but expect the bold styling to be diluted before being signed off for public consumption.

Last up is the Hustler, ostensibly an entrant to the minicar segment. It's a fairly urban take on a boxy, SUV style blueprint, with a practical interior. Its debut at Tokyo is expected to be alongside a racier coupe variant, but a production Hustler is unlikely to be seen on European roads any time soon.

Suzuki will also be bringing its iV-4 compact SUV to Tokyo, seen earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show and destined to reach showrooms in 2015. The iV-4 will be armed with Suzuki's ALLGRIP four wheel drive system and will get a large set of wheels to genuinely live up to the 'S' and 'U' components of the SUV designation, good looks notwithstanding. With prices starting around the £11,500 mark, the iV-4 promises to be good value for money too.

As is to be expected, Suzuki will be up against plenty of domestic competition at the Tokyo event, with Mitsubishi also promising a futuristic trio. This will be the 43rd edition of the Tokyo Motor Show, which will be open to the public on Saturday 23rd November to Sunday 1st December. The automotive show is one part of a three pronged collaborative effort alongside the ITS World Congress and CEATEC Japan electronics show, both of which will demonstrate automotive technology components during the week.

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