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Supercars - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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They may be only rarely visible on public roads, but supercars changed the auto industry. The ultra-advanced technology, seen first in these vehicles, soon reaches the everyday hatchback, along with styling cues, to make far more memorable icons than mass market successes like the Ford Fiesta.

Lamborghini's most recent offering, the Veneno, may be the ultimate in exclusivity, with only three models available to the public and costing a cool £3 million, but along with its astonishing 750bhp and 220mph power output, it has suffered accusations of ugliness. How does it stack up next to previous vehicles that have at one time or another earned the coveted 'supercar' tag?

McLaren F1

The term 'supercar' is bandied about with little discrimination these days, but in 1991, the F1 was groundbreaking. Its looks seemed boldly avant-garde upon launch but time has diluted those once sharp angles, to make the F1 look almost benign beside the Veneno.

Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron guards its title of world's fastest street legal car zealously. Its awesome 8 litre turbo, 987bhp engine gets it to 267mph.

Ferrari F40

In 1987 this was the pinnacle of Ferrari's sporting experience, its most powerful car yet. It also cost an (at the time) obscenely expensive $1.6 million and remains popular to the present day.

Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 gains its place on the list more for its cultural significance than its performance, as James Bond's most iconic car. It was powerful enough in its day, but more than that, it was supremely beautiful and elegant.

Lamborghini Countach

The Countach's pioneering design changed the dynamics of supercar production, taking great leaps in aerodynamics exploitation with its novel wedge shape and a layout that moved the driver forward, to give more room behind for its massive powertrain.

Dusenberg SSJ

350bhp isn't to be sneezed at even today, but in the 1930s it was almost unthinkable, as was the SSJ's 1935 top speed of more than 135mph.

Ford GT40

The Le Mans 24 hrs of the 1960s was dominated by this boy racer's dream, with four consecutive wins, giving the GT40 cult classic status today.

Pagani Zonda

Another niche favourite, the 1999 Zonda can top 230mph.

Porsche 911

Easily one of the greatest sports cars ever, the 911 has achieved success at the race track and commercially and manages the almost impossible task of being an ostentatious yet still tasteful symbol of success.

Shelby Cobra

As expensive as it is beautiful, the 1966 'super snake' boasts 800bhp and, historically, commanded a $5.5 million price at auction in 2007.

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