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Supercars At Family Prices

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Super cars come at super prices, but if you're a Lamborghini or Ferrari fan with a Ford Fiesta or Honda Civic budget, there are options – less exciting options, perhaps, but if performance is what you're after, the following cars will all reach 150mph, while costing you around £5,000:


It's not particularly exotic but the M3 fulfills performance requirements in a far more practical package than the average two-seater coupe. We're not talking brand new here – the E30 was released in 1985, but for £5,000, you can get a quality E36 from 1992-1999. You can choose between a 278bhp 3.0 litre unit or a 317bhp 3.2 litre version, which should have no difficulty reaching an electronically limited 155mph.

Mercedes CL

Unfortunately for buyers of new models, Mercedes' flagship CL prices fell off a cliff as soon as the cars left showrooms. However, this of course is great news for used buyers, as 2000-2005 models are now starting to fall into our price bracket – an incredible drop from the original cost, which was close to £100,000. Apart from the entry-level CL350, this is a car that was made to storm the famous speed-limit free German motorways, with plenty of models more than capable of reaching that electronically limited 155mph.

Jaguar XK

Jaguars are desirable for about a million reasons, not least of which is performance. Its thirsty behaviour has led to used prices dropping like a stone – you'd never imagine these are some of the industry's most luxurious, comfortable and elegant cars, given the bargain basement figures we're talking about. The XK is everything a driving enthusiast could want and is now just about affordable.

Porsche Boxster

Purists might sneer at the 'Porsche-lite' but make no mistake, the Boxster is all round a driver's car. It has all the performance, sleekness and style that you expect from any Porsche, at a more affordable price. As a convertible it's also great for posing. The entry-level 2.7 litre unit from 2000 will meet the criteria without any ado, but the 3.2 litre S variant will blow your socks off.

Nissan 350Z

Next to the other cars on this list, the Nissan 350Z is likely to be a victim of badge snobbery, but a session behind the wheel should quickly dispel such prejudice. It's phenomenally quick and arguably more fun to drive than the alternatives. £5,000 will get you an early model but Nissan is known for reliability so, with a full service history, that shouldn't be a problem.

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