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Summer Loving?

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Perhaps not... with the summer holidays at an end, drivers have been reporting some annoyances on the roads. The most hated habit observed by summer road users is other drivers and passengers throwing litter out of car windows, with 34% of drivers reporting this as the most annoying anti-social behaviour on the road.

Younger drivers are apparently more tolerant of litter bugs, with only one in five of the 18-24 age group naming this as their biggest bugbear, compared to 37% of 45-54s. Past research has shown that British drivers believe tougher penalties should be imposed upon litter bugs, including licence penalty points, heavy fines and even community sentencing.

The second most annoying road habit is slow moving caravans, which get the goat of 15% of drivers stuck behind them.

Cyclist were the third most reviled thing about summer driving, annoying 13% of other road users. However, it seems residents in the East are more tolerant of two wheelers, with only 10% in that area putting cyclists to the top of the most annoying lists, compared to 16% of South East residents and 18% of those in Northern Ireland. While drivers complain about cyclists driving two abreast and taking up too much road, cyclists counter this by claiming this is a safety measure, thanks to drivers taking bends too fast. The Highway Code advises drivers to give cyclists as much room as possible when overtaking and to allow cyclists to pass upcoming junctions safely, rather than cutting across them. By the same token, cyclists are not permitted to ride more than two abreast and should stick to single file on bends and busy or narrow roads.

Inconsiderate parking got 10% of the vote for most annoying summer habit, followed by lost drivers dawdling around the roads and loud music blaring out of open windows or roofs, both on 7%. Sightseers in cars stopping at inconvenient spots without considering other road users irritated 5% of survey respondents, overloaded cars with the rear view obscured was the main bugbear for 4%, while groups of motorcyclists took 1%.

Motoring organisations have noted that any obstacle that slows road users down is classed as an annoyance, but drivers are reminded that consideration must be shown to other road users on any number of wheels or even on four legs, such as horses. Showing courtesy to other users can help to keeps the roads safe and avoid road rage incidents during the summer and all year round.

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