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Subaru Drops Price of WRX STI

By raccars Published

The Subaru WRX STI – which is not the Impreza but still looks like an Impreza, but it definitely isn’t – is a good looking car. It’s good looking because, well, it’s the saloon version of the Impreza – even though it’s not named an Impreza – and the hatchback Impreza – which is an Impreza – looks dreadful. Still with us? Good.

And now, the Japanese marque has decided to slash the price from £32,995 to a very reasonable £26,995. The reduction has been made due to Ford’s latest ST starting at just £21,995 – and it’s got Subaru worried. Thankfully, they don’t really need to worry, because the WRX STI is far quicker than the ST – which is all that matters in a game of Top Trumps.

What do you think then? Would this substantial price drop tempt you into an Impreza? – even though it’s not an Impreza.

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