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Special edition of Jeep Cherokee inbound

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Jeep is preparing to introduce the Cherokee Night Eagle to the UK, complete with some visual updates and appealing features.

Jeep is aiming to increase its share of the market in the UK, capitalising on the fact that SUVs are now so popular amongst British buyers. And the newly-announced Night Eagle edition of the Cherokee is targeted at helping it boost sales and earn some much-needed media attention. The name alone is attention-grabbing, but this model is far more than just a marketing exercise; it is also expected to boast a number of enhancements compared with the standard model.

The Cherokee Night Eagle will also be a very exclusive release indeed; Jeep is only intending to sell 350 units to UK buyers, according to AutoExpress. There will be a degree of customisation available, but there are some features which will be consistent across every Night Eagle model in order to ensure that the special edition stands out from its stable mates.

Dark horse

Four different paint jobs will be available to buyers, with high-gloss black and white options sitting alongside a silver and a ‘granite’ variant of the Cherokee Night Eagle. And each of these colours is intended to act as a suitable counterpoint to the other design updates that have been added to this model, including the tinted glazing that helps to convey a sense of prestige.

The first noteworthy aesthetic element is the Jeep emblem itself, which on the boot and bonnet will be a smoky grey in colour. This should help it to match with the 18 inch alloy wheels which are finished in black, while the lights up front are made to look darker than those on the standard models - at least before they are turned on of course. The good looks of the current Cherokee range are maintained elsewhere, with the result that the Night Eagle edition should be an appealing SUV which is joining the market at a time when demand in this segment is particularly high.

Interior touches

Underneath its dusky exterior, the Cherokee Night Eagle offers similar kit to Jeep’s Longitude Plus in terms of both equipment and trim. This means that you get leather seats and steering wheel, with the driver and front passenger seats also benefiting from integrated heating to keep backs and posteriors warm when the winter weather really bites. There will also be an 8.4 inch touch screen display to control entertainment and navigation, in addition to an advanced audio system comprised of nine speakers to make media playback as punchy as possible.

The list of convenience technology goes on, with automatic headlights and windscreen wipers sitting alongside climate control, ensuring that the driver and other occupants will be comfortable and relaxed at all times. There are even parking sensors and a boot that can close at the press of a button; useful for situations in which the back of the vehicle is covered in winter mud or ice.

Power and price

Jeep has given the Cherokee Night Eagle a 2.2 litre diesel power plant which delivers 197bhp and can achieve almost 50 miles to the gallon if driven economically. This model is also automatic as standard, with a nine speed gearbox. Despite some creature comforts, the manufacturer is talking up the off-road credentials of this model, pointing out that this will help it to appeal to both long time Cherokee fans and newcomers alike.

Buying this special edition will cost customers in the UK £36,795 which reflects both the high specification and equipment levels in this model, in addition to its exclusivity.

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