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Special edition cars mark 70 years of Ferrari

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California T

The wait is on for ‘used’ versions of Ferrari’s special edition cars as the new ones have already sold out

Ferrari will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year and it is offering a small number of motorists the chance to drive one of its special edition cars. The LaFerrari Aperta has just been officially showcased at this year’s Paris motor show but a further 350 special Tailor Made editions will also be adorned with the company’s 70 years badge.

To ensure that these cars are distinctive enough to warrant their celebratory badges, Ferrari is making use of 70 liveries taken from its back catalogue. There will be a single example of each one available on every one of the five vehicles which make up the current Ferrari mainstream car range. The plan includes The Green Jewel, shown off with the 488 Spyder, which makes use of the metallic green paintwork seen on the David Piper Racing 365 P2.

This car was the winner of the famous Nine Hours of Kyalami endurance race in both 1965 and 1966. The race was a feature of the South African calendar between the late 1950s and the late 1980s. The open roof of the current Spyder special edition car, meanwhile, is perfect for displaying the driver’s bright red seat.

A winning combination for special edition cars

The Stirling livery, meanwhile, is shown off on an F12 berlinetta, which is based on the 250GT Berlinetta SWB which was driven to victory by Stirling Moss in the Tourist Trophy in 1961. The Stirling includes a number roundel, Blu Scuro paint and a horizontal white stripe. The Steve McQueen, meanwhile, is influenced by a 250 GT Berlinetta from 1963 which was gifted to the American star by wife Neile Adams. It is shown off as a California T in the celebratory collection, complete with brown paint and a distinctive camel leather interior.

The livery which has the most poignancy, however, is the The Schumacher on the 488 GTB. This pays tribute to the F2003-GA F1 car which won the 2003 World Championship. The Schumacher has white on red exterior detailing, together with yellow paddle shifters on the inside. The Ferrari crests which adorn the front wings are also painted on rather than being the traditional wing-mounted badges.

The complete list has yet to be released but there is speculation that it may include the Rosso Corsa 250 GTO, complete with its Oxford Blue nose, which was driven to victory by Graham Hill in the 1963 Tourist Trophy. Ferrari has not revealed how much extra buyers will pay for the special edition cars but, for some, money is clearly no object as the 350 cars are already sold.

Truly unique special edition cars

The creation of the cars marks a busy period for the Tailor Made division, which is tasked with finishing the celebratory cars. Whilst there are five examples of each livery, there is only one for each type of car, meaning different detailing for each. There is sure to be a cost implication to this degree of uniqueness but Ferrari says that the price tags haven’t stopped some people wanting to purchase a full set of five examples of one livery. This is mostly in cases where the owners already have the original car.

Ferrari, however, has denied these requests, saying that this ‘wasn’t fair’ on other buyers. It has not been revealed how the company has decided who could buy these extra special edition cars. It is also not known which of the liveries will prove to be worth the most when they become used collectors’ items.

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