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Spanish Supercars Arrive In The UK

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You're unlikely to have heard of the company so far, but Spanish supercar maker, AD Tramontana, has set its sights on the UK. Road legal but designed for the track, the Tramontana is a bonkers sports car with no direct rivals in the UK. Arguably, its closest competitor is the BAC Mono, but Tramontana is confident that its car will find a small but distinct fanbase among wealthy petrolheads.

There are three trim levels available, starting with the Tramontana R. Buyers can choose from a 5.5 litre V12 twin turbo Mercedes sourced engine, with 710bhp or a 5.2 litre Audi V10 with 592bhp. The V12 offers dual power modes so that drivers can switch between 710 and 542bhp. 62mph arrives within 3.6 seconds and the car tops out at 186mph.

Next up is the Tramontana XTR, which uses the same Mercedes V12 but is a touch wilder. It chops 0.3 seconds from the R's 0-62mph sprint time and carries on to 202mph. AD Tramontana expects this model will appeal most to UK buyers. The range topping Tramontana XTR-GT takes the V12's power output up to 838bhp.

The rear wheel drive racer uses a sequential six speed gearbox but Tramontana claims an eight speed option is on the way. Lightweight Italian made carbon fibre construction keeps the kerbweight down to 1,350kg for all three models and each model is bespoke, according to the customer's choice of interior design and paint colour, among other specifications. Every Tramontana takes from six to eight months to build in the firm's northern Barcelona factory, where most of the engineers come from a Formula One background.

Sales volumes are miniscule. Only seven Tramontanas have left the factory in the past three years but the company is optimistic that it can sell three units in the UK in the first 12 months. The factory's maximum capacity is 12 cars per year.

That's not entirely unrealistic. The radical looking Tramontana won't appeal to everyone and is aimed at a very specific and limited market. It's certainly not the sort of car you use for the school run or to go to the supermarket, with a tandem two seater layout. The BAC Mono exhibits similar track racing appeal and is distinctly cheaper, but also less powerful and dramatic. The Tramontana starts at about £300,000 for the entry level R model, going up to about £430,000 for the XTR. It's not a casual purchase.

Tramontanas are sold internationally already in the US and Middle East, as well as Europe, but the company has decided to prioritise the UK for future sales. The firm already has its own head of development for the UK, who suggests that the Tramontana is a relative bargain compared to £1 million supercars. It's about the most extreme car you can buy in its price range and is designed to make the Formula One experience more accessible to petrolheads on a budget.

For the future, the company is looking to develop an even more brutal racing Tramontana, boosting the V12's power output up to 986bhp, putting it on a par with the McLaren P1 GTR, but is relying on sales of the current model range to finance the project. Rumours also abound of hybrid and all electric powertrains, which Tramontana claims is an essential part of any modern supercar line up.

The Tramontana is certainly different but that could well be a large part of its appeal in a novelty hungry market. Buyers spending that sort of money are looking for exclusivity, which the Tramontana can offer, while spectacular performance is also assured. It would be pushing it to call the Tramontana affordable or practical, but then that's rarely a consideration once you're in supercar territory! At least this is one track racer you can drive there and back on the road...

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