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Something Rather Special

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Manufacturers regularly try to beef up sales by releasing special editions. Quite often there's nothing that special about them - a bit of extra kit, a funky new badge and maybe some bodykit, but usually a limited production run serves to make them more desirable than the bog standard version of the car. Years later, it's often these special editions that are the most sought after by collectors.

Austin Allegro Equipe

If any car needed a bit of bling, it was the Allegro. The 1979 Equipe edition acted as a warm up to the upcoming Allegro 3, and came with a racy silver paint job and 1750cc twin carb engine and black exterior trim. However, these all paled into insignificance in the face of a loud set of stripes in a rainbow of hues running along each flank and rising up the pillars at the back. Funky.

Citroen 2CV Beachcomber

The 1983 special 2CV lived up to its nautical name by adding deckchair style blue ticking stripes to a white background. The car was designed as a tribute to France's entry into that year's America's Cup yacht race.

Fiat Seicento Sporting Michael Schumacher

Anything less like a Formula One racer it's hard to imagine, but in 2001 the racing ace lent his name and his signature, in the form of a sticker on the tailgate, to a limited run Seicento, with a numbered plaque in the interior.

Ford Capri John Player Special

Both names from another era, the MkII Capri of the Seventies and John Player Special made ideal bedfellows, both embodying the kind of life style that red blooded young men of the time were trying to achieve. The car came in white or black with gold pinstripes on the bodywork, gold wheels and an interior as Seventies as nylon flares and a shag haircut.

Morris Minor 1,000,000

In February 1961, Morris Minor sales reached a milestone million units, a first for any British car. To celebrate, BMC released a special edition of the car, in lilac paintwork and featuring a 'Minor 1,000,000' badge. 350 units were made, to match the 350 British Morris dealerships, which are now considered very desirable classics by Morris collectors.

Peugeot 205 Gentry

It doesn't look like anything special from the outside, but matched the 205 Gti's engine with an automatic gearbox. The interior was pretty dramatic, with full leather trim and wood veneer plus luxury features, such as powered steering, ABS and heated wing mirrors. It was a very upmarket 205 and, with only 300 ever made, a very rare one.

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