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Skoda Superb To Become Even More So

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Since its hook up with Volkswagen, Skoda has revolutionised both its brand image and its sales figures. Its current design language is partway through a renaissance at the hands of Jozef Kaban, the brand's chief designer. He has been sharing his plans to continue to modernise the range with auto press recently.

Kaban took the reins in Skoda's design department in 2008, resulting in the elegantly simple and geometric forms of the VisionD concept as introduced at 2011's Geneva Motor Show. That design language has been used to great effect already on the Rapid and Octavia models and will next be seen on the upcoming Rapid Spaceback, due to be launched in September at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kaban follows a few basic principles in his work, which in essence revolves around a less is more approach. The no fuss appearance is being applied to the whole range with the result that future Skoda's will be pared down to the point of removing any visible exhaust pipes – although vRS models will be exempt from this treatment to emphasise their practical and value for money characteristics, rather than feigning performance car ambitions.

Next year will see the small hatchback Fabia get the Kaban treatment, but it's his forthcoming updates to the large family car model, the Superb, that the designer really expects to make waves, with an attempt to remove any class prejudices so that the car appeals equally to families on a budget and the fabulously wealthy.

Kaban claims to have been inspired by that icon of design and engineering the iPhone, which turned the world of mobile phone design on its head by eliminating slide and flip fronts and even buttons, to be pared down to the sleekest yet most functional form possible.

Skoda marketing and sales executive, Werner Eichorn, is hoping that Kaban's ideas will help the brand to achieve its target of sales in the region of 1.5 million annually, by 2018. To accomplish this aim, the vehicle line up will be expanded to include, among others, an SUV with a 5+2 arrangement to slot above Skoda's Yeti model, which will be aimed particularly at the Russian and Chinese markets.

The company intends to continue to develop more offbeat fare, such as the low profile Roomster, but this could develop into a light commercial van rather than a small MPV, to satisfy market forces.

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