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Skoda Outperforms Itself in August

By raccars Published

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Skoda has been on the rise to prominence for a good decade now, but ever since it was taken over by VW things really have been going from strength to strength. And now, as we come ever closer to 2013, Skoda has announced it has just had the best August in its history.

The manufacturer sold 67,700 units around the world, which represents a huge increase of 12.1 per cent compared to 2011. The news will be news to the shareholders’ ears, we’re sure, but it also shows just how differently the Skoda brand is seen these days. After all, we all remember the stigma attached to the Skoda name back in the day. It’s a remarkable turnaround.

Let’s hope Skoda can keep the sales up and boost the UK’s economy a bit.

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