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Saab Administrators Order Dealers To Pay Up

By raccars Published

Saab’s administrators have been criticised for using “heavy handed tactics” to secure the debts off former Saab dealers. Speaking to Motor Trader, Adam Cox, managing director of Motor Industry Legal Services (MILS) said:

“The administrators are becoming increasingly heavy handed in their efforts to extract money from Saab franchisees.”

“Dealers have received solicitor’s letters on behalf of the administrators looking to recover all debts due to Saab GB, with the threat of litigation and interest if such payments are not received within 14 days,” he said.

“Dealers may be able to offset money owed to them by Saab GB against money owed to the manufacturer. This same argument can be used in relation to debts such as liabilities for the manufacturer’s warranty,” he said.

So it seems the attempts to get Saab’s debts paid is a little more complex than what was predicted, but it definitely seems messier than any of the parties involved would have liked it to be.

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