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Rolls-Royce Serenity Concept

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Rolls-Royce, already receiving plenty of media attention after the revelation that it will be producing its first SUV, is now drawing gasps at the Geneva Motor Show with its new, ultra-luxury level bespoke limousine. The Serenity concept is the work of the firm's Bespoke Design department, and is ludicrously opulent - less a car, more of a travelling palace.

The Serenity's exterior resembles a pearl coated Phantom, thanks to the glowing paintwork. In fact, it is coated in genuine mother of pearl and is the most expensive exterior finish Rolls-Royce has ever offered. Completed at the Rolls-Royce HQ in Goodwood, it is applied in three stages and requires 12 hours of hand polishing.

However, it's in the cabin that it really becomes evident that Rolls-Royce has taken automotive luxury to unprecedented levels. Lined in hand dyed Chinese silk, the 10 metres of material was woven by hand in one of the oldest silk mills in Britain, and then painted with white and crimson blossoms, in a motif taken from Japanese royal robes, in a process taking 600 hours. Fitting the smoke green colour silk was a two day job. Rolls-Royce was inspired to abandon its traditional leather interior by the silk lined horse drawn carriages of the royals, emperors and potentates of previous centuries.

The silk lining is complemented by real wood trim in smoked cherry wood with bamboo cross banding. Laser cut mother of pearl petals matching the silk blossom motif have been applied to the wooden marquetry and the luggage compartment is fitted out with leather and carpet in Arctic White.

The Serenity is also pretty sophisticated mechanically, featuring a 6.6 litre V12 under the bonnet, which will speed passengers from 0-60mph in about five seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 155mph.

While the Serenity was created as a one off concept, it is rumoured that the car has already found an anonymous buyer, for the price of £1 million. Rolls-Royce has always made a point of satisfying its customers' most outrageous or excessive requirements, so doubtless, this trim level will become available as an option - albeit a very expensive one. Rolls-Royce claims that 85% of the vehicles it sold last year were specified with some element of bespoke design, helping the firm to record sales of 4,063 cars.

The company expects sales to increase even further when its long awaited new SUV, code named Cullinan, reaches the market in a few years.

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