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Road Rage Britain

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Fleet car management firm, LeasePlan UK, has conducted research showing that British roads are the angriest in the world. Distracted drivers are also a big problem on UK roads.

Road rage in the form of irate gesturing, verbal aggression and cutting up other drivers is experienced by more British drivers than in any of 20 other nations which were included in the study looking at three categories of driving behaviour. France ranked second for exposure to road rage, followed by the Czech Republic.

The list of the top 10 worst countries for road rage is dominated by European nations, with Australia, India and the USA the only non-European destinations included.

Apart from road rage, British motorists also performed badly in the distracted driving category, such as eating food behind the wheel or using a mobile phone. LeasePlan UK believes that improvements to the UK's road network could help to improve driver attitudes. The firm believes excessive traffic congestion accounts for large amounts of stress on British drivers and hopes that the government's current £15 billion road network investment programme will improve the situation.

The study rated occurrences of three different road rage behaviours: aggressive gestures, verbal aggression and road blocking. Britain scored higher than any other nation for aggressive gestures, which have been experienced by 76% of drivers and road blocking by 73%. Verbal aggression was slightly lower at 53%, but still higher than any other nation.

Three thousand drivers were questioned in the survey, which revealed that Turkish drivers are the most polite, with only 23% of motorists in the country having experienced aggressive gestures. Verbal aggression was reported by only 15% of Turkish motorists and being blocked in by other road users by only 13%.

RAC research has reported similar findings, with its 2014 Report on Motoring showing that British drivers believe driving standards in the country to have slipped over the last five years. Sixty five per cent of survey respondents believed that antisocial behaviour on the road has increased and 62% believe other drivers are less courteous than they used to be.

Black box insurance provider, Ingenie, published the results of research earlier this year that saw 70% of survey respondents claim to have experienced incidents of road rage in the UK within the past year. The survey also questioned drivers on their own driving behaviour, and while 65% didn't believe they had a road rage problem themselves, 85% confessed to having displayed aggression on the road at least once.

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