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Revamped Dacia Sandero revealed ahead of Paris motor show

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Changes to the Dacia Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan MCV models will be shown off at Paris.

This month’s car show in Paris will play host to the Dacia Sandero, the Logan MCV and the Sandero Stepway, all with a new aesthetically-tweaked 2017 design.

The Sandero range is being refreshed for 2017, with changes including a restyling of the front bumper, a more prominent grille at the front and new headlight clusters teamed with day running LED lights. The rear, meanwhile, boasts new tailgates, whilst there are more practical storage solutions and different materials in the cabin to help boost its appeal.

In-depth details have not yet been revealed about the changes to the Dacia Sandero, the more rugged Stepway and the state Logan MCV models and just a single image has been released.

Powertrain choices to be revealed

The cars will make their first appearance in refreshed form on 29 September and Dacia looks set to use the forum of the Paris motor show to reveal an updated list of power trains. It is believed that new engines are to be bought over from Dacia’s parent company, Renault.

Dacia continues to herald the Sandero models, even with their updates, as the most affordable cars in Europe, indicating that the current £5,995 starting price should not increase significantly for 2017. The company claims that the new styling will offer a more ‘robust’ look to the range and will also include re-designed light clusters at the rear.

Price is key selling point for Dacia

For many people, however, it will be its low price that will continue to act as a key selling point and this is not something that Dacia is likely to want to change. The Sandero competes in the market against the likes of the Vauxhall Corsa and the Ford Fiesta but it is its current standing as the cheapest car for sale in the UK that acts as a major draw for some.

The Sandero Stepway is derived from the Sandero but boasts more rugged styling. The Logan MCV, meanwhile, offers the added space of a stretched estate. The latter currently costs from £6,995, whilst the Stepway has a starting price of £8,495 new.

More about Dacia

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer and its name comes from an historic area of the country. It is Romania’s largest business by revenue, in addition being its largest exporter. In 2014, for example, Dacia accounted for 7.3 per cent of Romania’s total exports.

The Dacia Mioveni manufacturing plant is well-known for achieving fifth place in lists of Europe’s largest car manufacturers in terms of volume. In 2013 412,718 units, including CKD kits and cars, were produced and this figure rose to 511,465 in 2014.

The Dacia company was originally founded in 1966 but, since 1999, it has been a Renault subsidiary. The company was first known as Uzina de Autoturisme Pitești or UAP.

The main Dacia plant was constructed in 1968 in what is now known as Mioveni but was called Colibasi at the time. Between 1968 and 1972, the factory produced 37,546 Dacia 1100s, which were the Renault 8 of the time created under licence. Romania’s communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu drove the first Dacia 1100 back in 1968.

The Sandero was based on the company’s Logan and debuted in 2007 as a joint production from Dacia and Renault. In certain markets, such as South Africa, Egypt and Russia, the car is known as the Renault Sandero.

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